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Game of the month: January 2019 WWF Smackdown Here Comes The Pain PS2

At the end of each month, I will spotlight the one game I focused most of my time on. For January, I spent a good chunk of time on Here Comes The Pain. I recommended HCTP for a quick game to jump in and out of. Well, I found myself doing just that all January. This won't be a full review because I feel that game deserves a spot on the blog dedicated to itself.  Instead, I just want to talk about how much I love this game. Surprise! It's a whole lot. But...but...what about RE2? I'm aware RE2 just came out. Do I plan on buying it anytime soon? Not at all. Here's why.  No money. I would rather spend my money on the basic essential needs like beer and Mountain Dews. Speaking of Mountain Dew, have you tried the latest Game Fuel releases? Amazing. Both Cherry and Tropical flavors have a sweet taste with half the sugar of a regular Mountain Dew. More caffeine also. These new drinks are being advertised to be the middle ground between soda a

Classic Sibling Videogames Part 2: Fighting Force PS1

Fighting Force on PS1 received mix reviews and I understand why. My brother still talks about the fun we had playing this game. Which is weird considering I remember it differently. This classic beat em up might be one of the few videogames we bonded over, but I don't remember liking it as much as he did. This series is about videogames my brother and I played together growing up. As we grew older my brother became less of a gamer and more of a passive onlooker. It's rare for him to want to join in on anything I am playing. When he does, it's only for a brief moment. PS1 had a few games we could both play together at a young age; fortunately, Fighting Force is one of them. At the time he must've been 6 and I was 10. Beat em ups in nature are easy to pick up at any age. Fighting Force is no exception to this. The wheel was not reinvented Choose among 4 characters, 2 guys and 2 girls, to stop a mad scientist from destroying the world because the apocalyp

Margaritas: Out the can onto the rocks

I don't know a thing about good margaritas. What I do know is, I will drink anything margarita flavored. I must confess something. I don't know what's in a good margarita. Is there such a thing? Who determines what's good? Is that why there's a top shelf? I don't know. What I do know is I ain't paying $8+ for a drink. I would change my mind if the bartender mixing my margarita plans on holding the tequila bottle upside down for more than a count of 4.  Going the cheaper route is how I am enjoying a margarita. Come on now, you know me. Cheap is my only route. Cans  Here's another confession, I had an obsession with Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas. Before you turn your nose away and leave a comment about how I don't know a thing about good drinks, remember, I admitted my lack of knowledge.  21 year old me would enjoy two cans of Lime-A-Ritas poured over ice. Bud Light suggests you enjoy your cocktail over ice; I suggest it as well. Don

3 games to jump in part 1

I don't have as much time to game like I used to. Sound familiar? Hate to say it, but it's part of growing up. At 15 I had all the time in the world. At 28, well, I just have more important priorities. You know, like writing a blog instead of doing the gaming I'm saying I don't have the time for. Actually, it has more to do with the amount of time I am willing to dedicate to a game. 10+ years ago I could sit down in front of the TV with Final Fantasy 1 and 2 from sun up to sun down. As of now, I am not willing to invest my time in a game even if there is an amazing story. Life is moving fast and I have much to do throughout my day. When I find the time to game I am looking for something fast. Here's a peek behind the curtain, when I play a game for a review, it would be a miracle if I go past an hour. I only need an hour to determine how I feel about it. There are exceptions. Tabletop games I can make more time for. Has something to do with my imaginat

Lion King on Genesis: It only took 20 minutes

It only took 20 minutes of playing to remind why I hate this fucking game. With talks of the Lion King live action movie coming out as of recently, I decided to give this game one more chance. Big mistake. Where it all started Like any other 90's kid, I saw Lion King super young. I had to have been 5 when I first saw it. What a classic. Without a doubt one of the best-animated films of all time. An all-star cast, beautiful animation, catchy songs, and overall a wonderful story. The first film that made me cry. I doubt I am the only one to admit that. The movie holds a special place in my heart. I can still remember my grandma popping that VHS in and sitting down to watch it with me. If you know by now I had a Sega Genesis when I was a kid. Plenty of time spent playing some of the best titles on the Genesis like Mortal Kombat 3 , Sonic 2, and Vectorman. I'm not for sure, but I believe Lion King was in that bundle of games that came with that Genesis. Grap

Duke Nukem Time to Waste

A recent Stabbing Westward concert sparked a memory. This memory is all about Duke Nukem. I mean, THE Duke Nukem. First off, feels good to be starting the year off with the manly man Duke Nukem. By today's standards, Duke's toxic masculinity wouldn't last in this PC world we live in now. There's no room for beer drinking, babe staring, ass kicking, cigar smoking, one line giving, bubble gum chewing, tough SOBs. Synonymous with Stone Cold now that I read that back to myself. Stabbing Westward Look at my dopey ass Let's circle back to that concert. Stabbing Westward is an industrial rock band that had major success during the 90's. Remember Godzilla (1998)? The main theme song is by Stabbing Westward. The band split and a reunion tour was nothing but wishful thinking. Well, this last concert was the second time I seen them on tour. Twice, I repeat, twice has the lead singer of Stabbing Westward sold me merch and was more than happy to take a pic