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Gaming essentials: The right group

The right group can make or break a gaming session. Online or offline. Solo gamers need not apply. We are talking about group play. If you play alone or don't have a group, then feel free to catch up with part one and two and wait for part four. I want to talk about how the right group can make the night better or ruin it. The Bad First let's get the bad out the way. Read Gandors advice about people being dicks to understand where I'm coming from. The whole group doesn't have to be a dick, but more than one can ruin everything. "I don't want to play that." "You can't do that." "Let's play something else." Other obnoxious bullshit Gandor mentioned. The group can turn on itself. From playing nice to undermining game night. How does this happen? Who knows? What I do know is when it's coming down to a session starting to suck. You feel it in the air. The group starts to check their phone, conversations becom