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Gandor the drunk's advice corner: Don't be a dick

Gandor the drunk's advice corner is all about the thoughtful insight of a drunken wizard. He may slur, check out your hot girlfriend, or vomit mid sentence, but he does kind of make a point. Sometimes. Hello!! Gandor here. Let me begin by sayin(hiccup)g, welcome to my humble abode located at the top of Witch Tit's tower. How gracious of you to join me. You might remember me from such popular film's like Gandor the Drunk RPGing: A Microfilm or Nazi Werewolves from Outerspace. Now with the pleasantry's out the way, let's get to the real issue at hand. Dick head people. Players, DMs, and everyone else. What do I mean by dick head people? Besides the obvious asshole that is being a jerk, there's the unknowingly asshole. These people are the ones that are obnoxious and yet to figure it out. Not everyone has comedic timing. Some don't know when the joke is over. It happens. Not all jokes work out. But if the group at a whole has stopped giving th

First Adventures: Swords and Wizardry

I am taking a player that has no experience and have them play a game to get their first impression. The first in this series is Swords and Wizardry. First adventures is a recap of a play through I had with a player that has no prior knowledge of the game we played. The goal is defining the accessibility of the game, mechanics, how the game was played, flow, and first impression of the game. Along with other details that come up. I will tell you how I ran the adventure, what tools I used, and how the game went. What I want you to get out of this series is our experience playing a game and whether you might want to do the same with inexperienced players. First off I had no prior experience of being a DM for someone other than myself. This experiment is a means of learning for me too. I play solo. Only me. Now with an another player things are different. It has made for a whole new experience.  Now with that out the way, let's talk about Swords and Wizardry. OS