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Game of the Month: February 2019

This month has been a slow month for gaming. The only game I've touched is Jeanne d'Arc on PSP. February hasn't been cold here in Texas. Except for today, the last day of the month. It's freezing and raining and stupid outside. We Texans don't handle cold rain too well. Fortunately, I'm writing this from the warm, comfort of home. This month has been a challenge to set aside some time to game. I guess it's a good thing when work starts rolling in. What sparked the memory of JDA is kind of odd. My girlfriend started Game of Thrones from the beginning as a recap to get prepared for the new season. Here comes the hate, but I'm not into GoT. Never been. I'll watch when she is. Passively. There's a character that caught my eye because there was something about her I couldn't put my finger on. Brienne of Tarth stuck out. A cross between a female knight from Final Fantasy Tactics and a character I forgot existed, Jeanne d'Arc. PSP g

The Internet Killed Printed Strategy Guides

Remember Prima Games? Long before the Internet, especially YouTube, strategy guides were one way to get your walkthroughs, cheats, and charts. Last week I was going through a box of old stuff I had at my girlfriend's place. I had not seen those belongings in years. Completely forgot about what was in the box. As I went through, this heavy tome was at the bottom. It was the strategy guide for Pokemon Omega Ruby. It got me thinking; what happened to strategy guides? Oh yeah - the Internet happened.  Prima Prima started as a one-man publisher based out of a home office in California 1990. Thank you, Ben Dominitz, for your dedication to the advancement of gamers. It was through his work and partnership with Rusel DeMaria, senior editor for PC games magazine, that Prima game strategy guides were brought to fruition. The first book published was "The Secrets of the Games." After that, a contract for five more books was written up and from there it was history

The Super Bowl sucked: NFL 2K1 doesn't

Millions of Americans every year watch the Super Bowl. I ain't one of them anymore. I used to be big into football; I was a Broncos fan. Now, I passively watch. If my dad is watching, I might catch a glimpse on the TV from time to time. I ain't sitting down for a full game. I've mentioned on the blog before about how I have a gig to record high school football down here in Texas. Football is a big deal down here. That's enough football for me.  But there is one football game I had to mention since the Super Bowl was this past Sunday. NFL2K1 on the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast This is a spur of the moment post-just had some Steel Reserve and was feeling in the posting mood-but anyways, let me get this out the way, the Dreamcast was one loud ass machine.  Or was it just mine? I haven't owned one in years; but, I remember it sounding like a jet engine. Technically, I believe it was the most powerful console upon release at the time. True po