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General Chaos review: Chaotic for sure

General Chaos is a supposed gem of a game if you can master it, but you probably won't ever do that. When I was young, let's say six, I would ask to rent this game at a local video rental place. No, not Blockbuster. By the way,  on September, 26 I turned 28. If renting at a video store didn't date me enough, there goes my age. Anyways, I remember wanting this game more than once. No idea why. If you have read a few of my posts so far, you start to see the love the SNES gets over the Genesis. I owned the Genesis, but never a SNES. Yet, the SNES receives more love. Why is that? Well, the SNES had the better titles. But General Chaos sticks out. For me. I guess from a young age I was a fan of strategy games. Release General Chaos was developed by Game Refuge Inc, who also developed Rampage World Tour, and published by Electronic Arts in 1994. What a year that was? If you have some time to spare, check out 1994 for games released that year and just in that