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My top 8 Street Fighter characters

Street Fighter is THE series that got me into fighting games. First introduction was on the Sega Genesis, then throughout all the Playstations. I even had some time playing on a 360. As of now, the PS4 with Street Fighter 5 arcade edition is my go to.  There are some characters that I main that I want to talk about. My favorites obviously. I do have a top favorite, but it is good to mix things up. So called matchups call for different characters to main. Unless you are a Ryu player who spams fireballs then who gives a shit right? I kid.  This list will go over the few that stick out for me. I used to let my friends pick the character they wanted me to beat them with. What a cocky piece of shit I am. But, those same friends taunted me with false claims of kicking my ass. They learned their lesson quick when challenging me. I will never be as good as I was during vanilla Street fighter 4.  Let's start in reverse from least played to my true main. 8. Garuda S

Solo board games worth playing: Chainsaw Warrior

I am starting a series of board games that are either designed for solo play or variants of a multiplayer game meant for solo play. These posts will be not only my review of the game but my recommendation to play them.  It can be difficult at times finding a game to play. I know because that seems to be the position I'm always stuck in. With this series I hope to spark some interest in games I have enjoyed.  The first game I want to highlight is Chainsaw Warrior.  Introduction Released in 1987 by Games Workshop, the same company that made Warhammer, as a single player board game. Imagine Doom as a board game. Chainsaw Warrior was released 6 years before Doom though. Which is impressive to think about since Doom set the mold for badass weapon wielding monster slayer. Or at least that's what I thought. It turns out the blood splattering gore was in players imagination before it was on a screen. I played in Tabletop Simulator on Steam. Free if you can find i

Go race a real bike instead of playing Monster Motocross

Redbox is a deal. Gamefly might be better, but for now Redbox is my go to for new games. $3 a night is steep for a rental. Compared to full price $3 isn't bad especially when the game is hot garbage.   My dad wanted to give Monster Motocross a try, so I took him around the corner to the nearest Redbox. Afterwards we went to QT for some 40s. That was one of the only positives of the night. The game file isn't large so installing was a breeze compared to some other games we have got in the past. From the first couple of minutes I could tell Monster Motocross was going straight to the list, the "Games that can go fuck themselves" list.  Game Modes Career is there but didn't bother with it since we only had the game a night. There's all the usual racing modes like time trials and open track racing. No fucking multiplayer unless it's online. Bullshit when you have people sitting next to you with a controller in hand wondering why they can&#

Videogames and Albums I listened to and played

You know already how I don't listen to video game music while playing. I am going to give you three albums that I paired with a game. I burned a hole through both.  1. Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance and Nirvana's Greatest Hits I don't like Nirvana. I was a dumb teen that didn't know any better. At the time it felt right, like I felt the music or some other dumb shit. Looking back, I don't even like them all that much. So many "Smells Like Teen Spirit" inspired Kenshi combos. Not proud to admit that.  Grunge isn't my thing. I love what came after, NuMetal. That's my shit! I get down to some rap rock. I grew up with it so fuck off if you don't like some Limp Bizkit. I know you do.  Deadly Alliance was fun since there was nothing else to play like it. I think it was a good move that broke the mold as far as what Mortal Kombat was known for, 2D fighting. The chance to chain-link combos using all the fighting styles was a