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Game of the Month: July 2019

Game of the month for July is.. . Swords and Wizardry. How's it going? Miss me? I hope so. Swords and Wizardry has been my go-to ttrpg for a while now. Simple and free. That's why I am selecting this game for GoTM .  Tabletop RPG I don't mention as much as I would like about ttrpg 's on the blog. Then again, I don't get to play them as much as I would like. When I do, my girlfriend and I go on some adventures! Here's the thing, I started playing solo before I was able to talk her into giving them a try . I'm still amazed by how she was able to pick up the concept and run with it.  How often do we get the opportunity to  be someone else?  You forget how creative you can be when you go day by day on auto-pilot doing the same boring tasks. Wake up, work, come home, eat, sleep, die inside, and start all over the next. RPGs give us the opportunity to get out of this world and enter one of our own creation. And in my girlfriend's c