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How to make Brass Monkey (My Way for 2019)

I am going to tell you my 2019 recipe for making Brass Monkey. Super simple and you'll be asking why you never thought of it. Been a little while since I have posted. There's a good reason for my absence. It has something to do with this recipe. My new favorite drink. Cue the Beastie Boys. I'm talking Brass Monkey. How did I get to this point in life that the only way to numb the pain is with a 90s house party staple? Well, it all started with underage drinking. Statistically, if you were an underage drinker then you are more likely to become a heavy drinker as an adult. Or whatever. I swear I read that somewhere. I am going to tell you how I create this tangy, poor man's drink my way. First, let's get out the way on how to properly prepare Brass Monkey or specifically what it was and is now. Brass Monkey Original Recipe This may come as a shock, but the original recipe has nothing to do with a 40. In fact, the original Brass Monkey originates back to