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What emulators am I using?

Emulators, love or hate em', they ain't going anywhere. Video game emulators have been around since the mid-1990s and have only got better since their humble beginnings.  Many purists would argue that emulators ruin the experience of the game by not playing the game on the system it was intended to. I would argue that emulators are the audiobooks of actual books. Does it matter what version a video game is played as long as at the core you are playing that game?  Cartridge or virtual marketplace? Disc or ISO? I understand you want the full experience of playing Castlevania SOTN on PS. I remember doing it way back in the day. I've experienced it first hand and now, I would rather have a hard drive that holds thousands of games versus a full dedicated game room.  I 'm going to name a few emulators I currently  run on my laptop. If there's any I should know about, please comment. Dreamcast - Nulldc 1.0.4 For years I have used Nulldc

Spiked Tropic Storm: Not for me

Steel Reserve's 6th addition, Spiked Tropic Storm, to its Alloy series is a no-go for me.  In the past, I reviewed other flavored malt liquors in the Natty Rush series like Blue Razz and Watermelon Smash . In truth, I enjoy flavored malt liquors and for the most part, all of the Alloy series from Steel Reserve. Spiked Watermelon may be my favorite next to Hard Pineapple. If you are not familiar with the Alloy Series, I suggest you start with my two favorites mentioned above . Inexpensive, good-tasting, and ABV of 8%. According to Nielsen convenience data in 2018, " this year has been the most productive brand in the higher-ABV FMB space, outperforming Mike's Harder, Lime-A-Ritas and Four Loko. " However, Spiked Tropic Storm was a huge disappointment when compared to the previous flavors released. Tropic Storm is marketed as some sort of tropical mix - that actually tastes like nothing but alcohol. I wasn't feeling this one. I doubt it was a bad batch. Th