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Duff light and Simpson's skateboarding

Last year I was in Orlando, Florida strolling down the roads of Universal Studios. What a place! So much to see and I did all I could to see it all. The one stop I had to make was in Springfield. Growing up I watched the piss out of The Simpsons. Most of the jokes flew right over my head but for the most part I was entertained. The Simpson's video game franchise deserves so much more than what my meager writing skills can provide. The one game I will single out is their god-fuckin-awful skateboarding game. Why do I enjoy pain so much? I remember these shitty games while I drink and ruin my good vibes. Emotionally damaged? Perhaps. Or maybe I get off on the pain. Who knows? Let’s dive in to this horrible rip-off of everything that made Tony Hawk games popular but instead Simpsons themed. The game was released in 2002 on the PS2. Like I said, it is nothing more than a THPS rip-off. Everything you do in THPS, except poorly designed and flawed, you do here. Get po

Games to take on vacation

Recently I had a mini vacation with my girlfriend for her birthday. Nothing special. We went down to South Texas, Corpus Christi then San Antonio to be exact, and we didn't play anything. Say what?! But, in the past we have. This trip was thrown together with a lot of walking my ass wasn't expecting. I packed games though. Every trip I do. I think any gamer would as well. Here's a list of my go to games that are good for vacations. 1. Ogre Steve Jackson knocked it out the park with this lightweight tank vs everything hex crawl. Take your Ogre and get from one end of the map to the other battling an army as strong as the lone Ogre tank. The full game including map and cutouts fit in a small size ziplock bag. Super easy to throw in any bag. All you need extra is a pencil, paper, and six sided dice to keep track of ammunition and results of battles. The game is rules light and can be easy to learn. My girlfriend is not much of a gamer but will suggest we play th

Cheap drink alternative: Clubtails

Going to bars to get fancy drinks isn't always an option for me. Sometimes I'm stuck at home without a ride due to all kinds of reasons. Mostly laziness. But quality drinks aren't only found in bars or private home collections. At my local QT I can get Clubtails 3 for $5.99. Here's why you should be doing the same. 1.Famous cocktails Tonight I went with Margarita, Screwdriver, Peach Breeze. They aren't the real thing. I get it. But still the flavor is worth trying. As a malt flavored beverage they aren't bad. The Margarita tastes closer to a Bud Lite Lime-A-Rita. Sex on the beach is the best with the screwdriver coming in close second. For the price of one can you get 16 oz versus what little amount you would get at a bar. Which brings me to the next point. 2.Price Seriously. 3 for $5.99 is a steal. Still getting 48oz for the same price as two "premium' tall cans. You would be lucky to get one mixed drink for that price at your local bar

Don't mix your alcohol, the old wives' tale

Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you’re in the clear . Does this famous quote hold some truth? Or is it an old wives’ tale that doesn’t matter? From experience I can tell you how I prefer stronger alcohol content drinks before lower ones. The buzz hits harder than tapers off smoothly without me getting as sick. Beer than into hard liquor has always led me to vomiting and having horrible hangovers the next day. According to Kevin Strang, PhD , if you start drinking something with a lower alcohol content, your body gets used to getting drunk at a certain rate. When you switch to something with a higher alcohol content, your body still thinks it’s getting drunk at the rate of the first drink, so you drink faster… and subsequently, you get sicker. For the most part I try to stick to one kind of drink. Beer only or whiskey only. Time to time I have a few beers than later to keep the buzz going I pour myself a small mixed drink. The days of d