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Gaming essentials: Caffeine

Let's talk about gaming essentials. And what better way to start this series off than with the most important, caffeine. I don't know about you, but besides alcohol I am an avid caffeine abuser. A day doesn't go by without me consuming in some form the nectar of the Gods.  Now on to what we came for. 1. Mountain Dew, specifically Game Fuel Mountain Dew is the cornerstone of every gaming session since forever. Whatever flavor you go for doesn't matter because they all contain higher amounts of caffeine than your average soda. Mountain Dew and all its variants are worth trying. As a matter of fact, I am gulping down some Dew right now as I type. Game Fuel is my favorite for a long session of junk food and gaming. Citrus Cherry is what I am suggesting you get only. They made another but for me, citrus cherry is better. If you like Code Red then you will definitely enjoy citrus cherry since it's the same flavor with more of a kick of citrus.

Die Hard Trilogy: One out of three ain't bad

Yippee Ki Yay Motherfucks! That's right, we are talking about Die Hard Trilogy for the PS1. Strap in because this ride will be somewhat safe and not that crazy because I must admit something. I have never actually seen Die Hard. Enough parts to know what it's about. (Read that last sentence with an upward inflection.) Some movie buff I am, huh? Well what can I say? It was before my time. The movie was released 1988. I was born in 1990. So, sorry if it's your favorite Christmas movie. Anyways, let us get into this PS1 classic. History Released August 31, 1996 by UK developer, Probe Entertainment. Lead programmer Simon Pick chose the PS as the lead platform because he felt the PS was the strongest console to handle the game.  Originally the game was meant to be the Die Hard Vengeance portion as a standalone game. Fox Interactive wanted all the Die Hard movies to be represented, so Probe Entertainment was left with developing the other two games. Die Har

VR games the future?

Toy's R Us is dying. Since the announcement of the company I have pushed off going to nearest store by where I live. Today I made the decision to watch a part of my childhood die. On the upside, I was able to pick up some stuff. Recoil is one of them. I'll write a review once I get some play time in. Also grabbed some mystery boxes of anything cheap plus a board game called Love Letter .  What was left on the shelves got me thinking about how most of them had an app, then about the future of toys, and then on to the topic at hand, video games.  Fully Immersed Virtual Reality What is it and where did it come from? Go watch Lawnmower Man and that will sum everything up. I used to think VR was the coolest. Then I put on some Google Cardboard goggles and wasn't impressed but instead needing a seat from the motion sickness. This surge of VR games that promise full immersion are really starting to take off. It makes you wonder if it's the future or another f

Resident Evil 2 Remake: The game we thought would never be

So it happened. It finally happened. Capcom made what the fans wanted. A good RE remake. This week at E3 Capcom revealed their teaser trailer for Resident Evil 2: Remake. I just watched it and you know I have to talk about it. Resident evil means a lot to me. If you have read about my fear or my love for the novels than you know why this release is a big deal for me. Although I may never own it because that gameplay footage they released as well was scary as shit . Let's talk teaser trailer first. At first, I was kind of put off by the rat's POV. Once the atmosphere was established and the altercation between the cop and zombie were apparent I was on board.  Cinematically you don't always want to give your audience everything up front. It is just as important to not show something as much as it is to show. You could hear the distress from the cop.  When they hit the floor and you watched the zombie bite into the cop it was like from RE 1 when you enco

Not all video game controllers are the same

Controllers are not all created the same. Console designers all envision something different. But, Sony got it right. Not all the time, but for the most part no controller can compare. Especially the fuck ass Madcatz or anyother knockoff 3rd party controller maker. Remember those cheap alternatives? Those oddly misshapen abominations always ended up in the collection. No one knows how or why. But you could count on Madcatz bullshitting their way in to your living room. Xbox The only one I ever liked was a purple led hardwired controller for the 360. Purple is my favorite color and the size of the controller was a little smaller than what came with the console. Felt better in the hands. The original Xbox controller was too large and the 360 was scaled down to fit better. But that purple one was the best. Sony Like I said, Sony has controllers down. Maybe not the stiff original PS1 controller, but the PS2/3 were the best. Ergonomically nothing else can compare. My only issue

Two Hats: Not just for the young

So, a new beer has hit the market, and of course, ya boy has tried it. Two Hats to be exact. This is the beer for the person who likes mineral water. Like Perrier. That shit. If you couldn't tell I'm not a fan of mineral water. MillerCoors brewing targets young drinkers The goal of Two Hats is to target the 21-24 demographic drinkers. Especially with pricing. Not much advertising has been done when compared to other beers they sell. Instead advertising efforts have been focused on online targeted ads. Smart move using this campaign model. Using Instagram is the best way to reach the audience they are looking for. Taste My girlfriend and I bought a six-pack of the pineapple flavor. The first sip for both of us was unimpressive. For the price, there isn't much to expect. I was left to finish all of them by myself. Not complaining. Think of Perrier or LaCroix. Two Hats is light, refreshing, not too sweet, sparkling water mixed with alcohol. Coming in with ABV o