This blog was created for those who enjoy gaming of all types and drinking. You yourself do not have to drink to enjoy this blog but it does help. With this blog my goal is to give you my opinion on games that I play while enjoying an adult beverage. Keep in mind I am drinking so my opinion may be incomprehensible rambling or the most articulate thought I have ever had. I plan on giving an entertaining and informative look into what I am playing at the moment.

I am a gamer at heart.

From a young age I have been a gamer. My first console was a Sega Genesis my grandmother bought off a coworker. I logged unfathomable hours into Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (the best one). I even remember creating board games to play solo during the summer staying with my grandmother. Mostly war themed. Being lost in the worlds I created or presented to me were fascinating. Maybe being an avid reader is what helped me fall in love with gaming.

As a teenager with no responsibilities other than graduating from high school, I spent those years enthralled with JRPGS. Final Fantasy 7 is the greatest game of all time by the way. I even spent time working at GameStop during high school. The best part other than the people was being able to check out video games. My XBOX 360 game history was a huge list of barely played  video games.

As an adult I forget to slow down. Life moves fast. Responsibilities suck. A constant that I have is winding down playing Street Fighter. Maybe some Battlefield. Or even solo playing a rpg on tabletop simulator.

I enjoy tasting new alcoholic beverages. Someone asked if I had a drinking problem to which I replied, "No because I have never had a problem finishing my drink."  I write this post while enjoying some Dr. Pepper and Black Velvet. A smooth inexpensive Canadian whiskey. A constant theme will become apparent. CHEAP. I hope the flow of alcohol will remove my inhibitions so I can give a honest review and opinion.

Stick around as I have much planned. More than likely posts will probably be rambling but nonetheless the content will keep you entertained. If you are reading this you have lowered your bar and I welcome you to the bottom.

 I am always open to suggestions on what to play or drink. For what I lack in writing skills I make up in downing copious amounts of alcohol.

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