Gaming essentials: Caffeine

Let's talk about gaming essentials. And what better way to start this series off than with the most important, caffeine.

I don't know about you, but besides alcohol I am an avid caffeine abuser. A day doesn't go by without me consuming in some form the nectar of the Gods. 

Now on to what we came for.

1. Mountain Dew, specifically Game Fuel

Mountain Dew is the cornerstone of every gaming session since forever. Whatever flavor you go for doesn't matter because they all contain higher amounts of caffeine than your average soda. Mountain Dew and all its variants are worth trying. As a matter of fact, I am gulping down some Dew right now as I type.

Game Fuel is my favorite for a long session of junk food and gaming. Citrus Cherry is what I am suggesting you get only. They made another but for me, citrus cherry is better. If you like Code Red then you will definitely enjoy citrus cherry since it's the same flavor with more of a kick of citrus.


My first experience with Monster was the original green can. Before energy drinks took off, and all the dangers accompanied with them, I was knocking back cans left and right. At the time I was a skater going out from sun up to sun down. I was fueled by Monster. 

Fast forward more than a decade later and that same green can makes my stomach turn. Too sweet. I feel old just saying that. Fortunately, Monster follows the Mountain Dew formula and continues to produce varieties. 

Coffee, protein, and sugar filled concoctions all hit the market. What I have always enjoyed was their juice line. The ones with the 20% juice added. Pipeline Punch is my recommendation if you haven't tried it. The only thing they have done wrong is their attempt at a game.


I have been to many concerts sponsored by Rockstar. They too continue to launch new products. Are they is good as Monster? Depends on the mood I am in. 

Try their juice or whipped flavors. All good to me. Original Rockstar I can tolerate over the Monster green can. 

4.Obscure forms

I have only tried caffeine gum. Wasn't bad. Other than that, I have no experience with the soap or jerky. There's mints and even chocolate covered espresso beans. 

None of them stick out to me. I have no real interest in them. You will have to do your own taste testing and report back to me what is good.

How I drink mine

I prefer my caffeine in liquid form. Easiest way to consume with higher amounts of the legal crack. Regardless of how you choose to consume, as gamers I feel we all rely on caffeine. Even if you have a small glass of tea that still counts.I live off energy drinks. There are so many more I could name off, but to keep it short I chose not to. I may have to do a part two to this caffeine post.

This is the part where I tell you what pairs well together. I don't condone caffeine and alcohol mixing, but if I did, Redbull and Crown all the way. That shit is amazing. Whoever came up with that cocktail deserves an award.

What are your favorite forms of caffeine? Perky Jerky, Monster Java, or what about just straight black coffee?

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Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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