My top 8 Street Fighter characters

Street Fighter is THE series that got me into fighting games. First introduction was on the Sega Genesis, then throughout all the Playstations. I even had some time playing on a 360. As of now, the PS4 with Street Fighter 5 arcade edition is my go to. 

There are some characters that I main that I want to talk about. My favorites obviously. I do have a top favorite, but it is good to mix things up. So called matchups call for different characters to main. Unless you are a Ryu player who spams fireballs then who gives a shit right? I kid. 

This list will go over the few that stick out for me. I used to let my friends pick the character they wanted me to beat them with. What a cocky piece of shit I am. But, those same friends taunted me with false claims of kicking my ass. They learned their lesson quick when challenging me. I will never be as good as I was during vanilla Street fighter 4. 

Let's start in reverse from least played to my true main.

8. Garuda

Samurai armor plated blade demon Akuma clone 

Street Fighter EX on the PS1 was one of those oddball fighting games using 3D models on 2D planes. I bled playing that game. Literally. Those PS1 controllers were unforgiving with how stiff the plastic was. What drew me to Garuda was his design. I am a fan of samurais and that would explain why I job train to get one every time on Final Fantasy Tactics. Garuda is a brooding mystery with protruding blades coming out of his body. His mid-range attacks keep opponents at bay while close he can do heavy damage. Linking combos is easy with this character. I would love to see more EX characters in the future make a comeback to Street Fighter main titles.

7. Guile

Sonic boomed cut hi-top fade  

Guile is my main in MvC 2. I have defeated full teams with Guile alone. The amount of hate mail I got because the destruction I caused using Guile is crazy. His flash kick super was my secret weapon. Charge characters call for a different play style that is more turtle style. MvC 2 Guile can be played aggressively and honestly that is the only way to play him. Street Fighter 4 and 5 are slower versions. For 5, I get in there using my pokes and don't focus too much on charger attacks.

6. Adon

Muay-Thai headband adds more power to knee and elbow attacks

The alpha series was ok except 3. That was the best for sure. When Adon was added to Street fighter 4 I was excited. I am a firm believer in Sagat being the cheapest character created. Adon is the little brother to Sagat but lacks the cheap ass move set Sagat has. Complete bullshit that Sagat has insane range and projectiles. Adon has no projectiles and relies on offensive pressure. He needs a comeback in Street Fighter 5.

5. M. Bison

Pissed off stocky glowing asshole

My strongest version is MvC 2. Knee press nightmare was OP if you increased the damage in the menu. If you time it correctly, when an opponent is tagged in you can one hit kill them if you hit the super while you are in the opposite corner. As far as other titles go, he plays slow but powerful. I have yet to truly master him other than Mvc 2. That teleport can save you and at the same time frustrate opponents. 

4. Hugo

Wild haired brute with a weird stage

I am drawn to grapplers and even more so larger characters. Hugo is insanely OP in third strike if you know what you are doing. Most grapplers are at a disadvantage because they have to be close to be effective. Hugo has range and even scarier ways to close the gap. His strongest asset is his anti-air. Jump ins become a risk with skilled Hugo players. His poke game can be trash but that's ok due to his high damage if you find an opening.

3. Juri

Sexy speed demon

During my Street Fighter 4 glory days I was looking for a character to mix things up. Besides Adon, Juri filled that void. I was first drawn to her because the designer made her sexually appealing. Sorry I have a healthy libido. I came for the sex appeal and stayed for the unconventional mid-range attacks. Juri has speed and ways to get in and attack and leave just as fast as she arrived. Her projectiles keep opponents at bay. She is good at zoning opponents with strong close range attacks.

2. Ken

Better than Ryu even though no one admits it

Ken was my main for the longest. For me, he is way better than Ryu. My favorite rendition is a tie between the long haired Alpha series version and Violent Ken. I stay away from most Shoto characters, but Ken will always be in my arsenal.

1. Zangief

Hairy, brawny, and the manliest of men

Ken was my main until I figured out how to execute the spinning piledriver. Zangief is my main across all titles. No other character compares to Zangief to me. The challenge to defeat opponents using Zangief makes victories that much sweeter. Shoto characters give me a hell of a challenge and Sagat was the worse of them all. Churning butter is my specialty and that won't be changing anytime soon. I am drawn to larger characters in all video games. My inner self is projected through them. Or at least my desire to be them is. 

I would play any character at any time but these 8 are my top favorites. Narrowing it down to just 8 wasn't easy because Street Fighter has created so many characters I like. These 8 are the ones I have spent the most time playing and learning the ins and outs of. 

What are your favorites? This is just a list of the characters I play and would like to know who your all-time favorite is. Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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