Classic Sibling Videogames Part 1: The Warriors PS2

My brother is not a gamer. He's never had much interest except a few games that stuck out for the both of us to play. The nights were long when we did find a game we could agree on.

The last console we bonded over was during the PS2 era. Such good times. That was during my young care-free teenage years. For some, those years where when you could spend all weekend playing with no responsibilities. My brother is four years younger, so he was in the same boat as me.

I want to start a small series of titles I remember us playing. To kick us off, let's start with The Warriors on PS2.


Released in October 2005 by Rockstar. The same company behind GTA, Manhunt, and Red Dead Redemption. The game is based off the movie The Warriors which is based off a book under the same name. Never knew it was based off a book. I'll have to give it a read.  The game features the actors in the movie as voice actors. 


The Warriors are one of many gangs in 1970's New York. They are wrongfully accused of murder and are hunted all night by rival gangs on their way back to Coney Island, their home turf. They must battle their way back just like the movie. The game holds true to the movie for the most part.


Anyone familiar of the brawler style controls of GTA could easily compare this to it. Although you can link combos together, it's not as fluid as a fighting game. Controlling characters feel stiff and even more so with weapons. A step above GTA, but not much more. 

Graphics and Audio

Rockstar has a signature look that is easily identifiable. The Warriors would compare closer to Manhunt with its darker atmosphere. New York has a grimy look too it, but without muddy textures backgrounds. Having the actors from the movies adds to the audio, I still was not impressed enough to listen to this game. 


You control your character in a beat-em up world, battling through New York, living out a movie. It's easy to see why two young kids would enjoy playing this. Simplicity. There are ways to power-up your character, but that just happens along the way. The battles offer a challenge. Unfortunately, not enough that kids can beat the game though. How much of a challenge is there when you are smashing buttons for small linked combos? If it wasn't for the world you are in this would be a game not worth taking a second look at. Strong statement since this game received high scoring reviews when it was released. Think about the time it was released. What else could it compare to? It's a good game for its time.

Final Thoughts

I only see us going back to play this game for the nostalgia factor. Now that we are older, we can knock back a few beers and enjoy the game the way it was meant to. Beat-em ups don't offer much than cheap thrills. Even with secrets to be found the genre is bland. If you're a fan of the movie, give the game a try. 

What to pair? Well, simple, BEER! I've had some Heineken and Bud Light as I wrote this. You should play with a cold one in hand. Mindless button mashing, and beer seem to go hand in hand.

Enjoy your drinks, and game on.

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