Vodka is my new best friend : Nikolai Vodka

Nikolai vodka is bringing this post to you. My goodness have I been wanting to find a vodka I like.

Needless to say, I have been drinking a lot of it before I started this post. Here's the best part of it all, I spent seven dollars for the bottle. Large bottle at that. Cheap vodka is the best vodka.


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Cheap and good. My favorite duo.
The brand was launched in 1963 by Seagrams and was sold to the Sazerac company in 1989 along with sixteen other brands. 

Sazerac continues to use the same formula as Seagrams for its production process. According to Sazerac's website the vodka is quadruple distilled. Not sure how that effects the taste in any way.

It's marketed as a value brand with a taste comparable to top shelf brands. In my opinion that's up for debate. I have only enjoyed this vodka mixed with Coke or Sprite. 

By itself, the vodka tastes like nothing but alcohol. Smoother than most hard liquors, it is best served mixed. Being a value brand, you can't expect much other than a cheap buzz.

For the price alone, this bottle is worth buying. I suggest a mixer and not neat. Vanilla Coke is what I'm going with currently.

Nikolai vodka pairs well with the cheap thrills of an online multiplayer shooter like Battlefield or CoD. Maybe even Paladins.

Since there was no real investment in this bottle, neither should the game you play while enjoying it. I recommend giving this vodka a try.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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