Rum is for Pirates, not me

I prefer all my drinks mixed. I know it is not the intended way to drink but I prefer the mixture of flavors. When I do have rum, I will go for the Bacardi or Captain Morgan. I especially go for the Captain when I am wearing him on my shirt that night. Dark rum with root beer and clear with Sprite. Simple enough.

Maybe that is where I fail as a drinker. I need to broaden my horizons when it comes to trying new liquors. Unfortunately, I never come across a rum I like. Soda or juice can only mask how poor the taste of a cheap rum can be. What truly turned me off rum is Largo Bay silver rum. My goodness that was bad. What’s most comparable to the flavor would have to be rubbing alcohol. If you have a bottle in your house just go, get a good whiff of that and that’s the same as Largo Bay.

I got so sick after drinking a few mixed drinks of Largo Bay and Sprite. I paid for the bottle, so I couldn’t just let it sit on the shelf. After two drinks the horrible burn went away but I was just left unsatisfied. There was no flavor other than alcohol. Not even Sprite could be tasted.

Largo Bay should not keep me away from better rum. Captain Morgan and Bacardi are too mainstream. Suggestions are always welcome for budget friendly alternatives.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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