Game of the month: January 2019 WWF Smackdown Here Comes The Pain PS2

At the end of each month, I will spotlight the one game I focused most of my time on. For January, I spent a good chunk of time on Here Comes The Pain.

I recommended HCTP for a quick game to jump in and out of. Well, I found myself doing just that all January. This won't be a full review because I feel that game deserves a spot on the blog dedicated to itself. 

Instead, I just want to talk about how much I love this game.

Surprise! It's a whole lot.

But...but...what about RE2?

I'm aware RE2 just came out. Do I plan on buying it anytime soon? Not at all. Here's why. 

No money.

I would rather spend my money on the basic essential needs like beer and Mountain Dews. Speaking of Mountain Dew, have you tried the latest Game Fuel releases? Amazing.

Both Cherry and Tropical flavors have a sweet taste with half the sugar of a regular Mountain Dew. More caffeine also. These new drinks are being advertised to be the middle ground between soda and energy drink. I agree that they fit perfectly between those two. 

RE2 will sit on the back burner till I can grab it when it's dirt cheap. A day after release, streamers were uploading S-rank runs and recently I watched a speedrun. Damn, that's fast. There's enough content on YouTube to spoil the game; therefore, it's enough to make me feel as though I don't need to go out and get it anytime soon. All the shock value is gone,

I spoke to a friend of mine the other day about the game and he was explaining how the game mechanics work. He just now text me again to tell me how Mr. X scares the shit out of him. 

It's almost like Capcom listened to longtime hardcore fans and made the game people wanted. 

Here Comes The Pain

I should talk about this game. Eh. Or not. The game has been out since October 2003. If you haven't played it yet, you probably won't ever. Wrestling might not be your thing. You don't have to watch WWE to enjoy this game.

All the male soap operaness is gone when you are controlling the action. You can take a steel chair and pound a guy's head till he bleeds all over the mat. Without all the long drawn out monologue. That's why I play. 

In the off chance you have a PS2 and feel like giving someone an F-5 from the young, rising superstar, Brock Lesnar, then play Here Comes The Pain.

Drink of the Month

Margaritas. It should be no surprise if you have been reading along up to this point. To be specific, grab a Bud Light Lime-a-Rita.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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