Mini Liquor Bottles: The Good And The Bad

This post is brought to you by four mini liquor bottles. Small doses but added all up together they give quite the punch. I'm going to name off the good and bad of these little devils.

Let’s start positive with the good.

1. Price

On average you will be spending anywhere from a dollar to two. Small investment for a quick taste. Beer may not be for everyone. A little bit of liquor makes for a good alternative.

2. Variety

Inexpensive bottles are the best way to try out new drinks. A handful of bottles can give you the opportunity to try drinks you normally wouldn't. Not all tequila is good. I managed to find my new favorite today. Only a dollar was spent, and I can live with that. Imagine dropping forty-five dollars on a bottle you hate. I would still drink it. I can't speak for others.

Now for the bad 

1. Only one bottle

Let's say you find a drink you like. 


The problem is you only bought one bottle and the liquor store closes in five minutes. Now you're stuck waiting till tomorrow to get another. That's what happened to me. Common problem dealing with small bottles. The silver lining is you know what you like, just not enough of it. 

One way to solve that is to grab a familiar drink to hold you over till your next liquor store rendezvous. Enough alcohol will help you forget that you're missing out on a newly discovered favorite.

2. Not enough punch

Smaller bottles only give you the opportunity to try small amounts. You may need more to taste all that was brewed. If you packed light and didn't bring enough to keep you warm, well then, you're out of luck. A small bottle will be the right amount for one drink. Not really going to do any damage with one drink. You can move up to a five-dollar bottle, but the discussion at hand is keeping things small. 

You won't be feeling good unless you buy more bottles, which in that case you were better off buying one large one. Unless you do like I did one time and bought ten and died later that same night.

In that case, spend the ten and have a party. You'll more than likely vomit like I did. I don't recommend it. You start mixing liquors and before you know it the world is spinning, and you can't seem to get off that ride.

Small purchases with huge returns

Use small bottles sparingly to mix up what you have on your shelf. By experimenting you can discover new favorites and what to avoid. Each time at the store pick up a new bottle. If you like it all the better. If you don't, then that is money saved on a liquor that you won't waste big money on.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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