Game of the Month: July 2019

Game of the month for July is...Swords and Wizardry. How's it going? Miss me? I hope so. Swords and Wizardry has been my go-to ttrpg for a while now. Simple and free. That's why I am selecting this game for GoTM.  Tabletop RPG I don't mention as much as I would like about ttrpg's on the blog. Then again, I don't get to play them as much as I would like. When I do, my girlfriend and I go on some adventures!
Here's the thing, I started playing solo before I was able to talk her into giving them a try. I'm still amazed by how she was able to pick up the concept and run with it. 
How often do we get the opportunity to be someone else? 
You forget how creative you can be when you go day by day on auto-pilot doing the same boring tasks. Wake up, work, come home, eat, sleep, die inside, and start all over the next.
RPGs give us the opportunity to get out of this world and enter one of our own creation. And in my girlfriend's case, take the path of most resista…

How to make Brass Monkey (My Way for 2019)

I am going to tell you my 2019 recipe for making Brass Monkey. Super simple and you'll be asking why you never thought of it. Been a little while since I have posted. There's a good reason for my absence. It has something to do with this recipe. My new favorite drink. Cue the Beastie Boys. I'm talking Brass Monkey.

How did I get to this point in life that the only way to numb the pain is with a 90s house party staple? Well, it all started with underage drinking. Statistically, if you were an underage drinker then you are more likely to become a heavy drinker as an adult. Or whatever. I swear I read that somewhere.

I am going to tell you how I create this tangy, poor man's drink my way.

First, let's get out the way on how to properly prepare Brass Monkey or specifically what it was and is now.

Brass Monkey Original Recipe This may come as a shock, but the original recipe has nothing to do with a 40. In fact, the original Brass Monkey originates back to the 70s as a…

3 games to jump into pt 2

Three more suggestions for games that are easy to jump into. I did part one as a means to give you ideas of what you could play to kill time or not invest too much time into. If I'm not passed out from drinking a couple of brews, then I am probably working on something. This gives me little time to invest in anything. You may be suffering the same fate as I am. Don't worry, I got your back with more suggestions.
1. Marvel vs Capcom 2 As broken as this game may be, it still holds up. 56 characters to choose from. 56! 3 on 3 team battles with chaos that doesn't stop. Seriously, how is this a professionally played video game? You can't even tell what's going on. I always assumed whoever could button mash the most wins. If you aren't picking Cable, Storm, Magneto, Sentinel, Cyclops, or Captain Commando then you obviously don't plan on winning.
Also, above all else, the music makes the game a solid 11/10 for me. I want to take you for a ride. 2. Castlevania Daw…

Easy mode for video games

Sekiro has been causing a stir with the video game community due to its difficulty. Some have called for an "easy" mode.

There appears to be two camps. One is dealing with it. The other is the game needs to be adjusted for skill. I am on the fence. 
I can't have an opinion on a game I have yet to play. However, easy mode is not out of the question. I guess people forget Devil May Cry 3 received the same treatment.
Devil May Cry 3 I don't know about you, but I want to be a badass like Dante. Badass guns, cool sword, and that leather jacket would make a statement. Also, his quips are spot on. 
I'll give the first three titles in the franchise proper time for a review of their own, but for now, let's talk about the unlockable easy mode. Die three times in normal mode and you unlock easy mode. When I was working at GameStop, I checked out DMC 3 and remembering hearing about the insane difficulty North America got. According to the Devil May Cry wiki this is true

Game of the Month: March 2019

Game of the month for March is Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow on the Nintendo DS. It's obvious I'm a fan of Castlevania. Been one for a long time. Castlevania has that awesome backtracking system that isn't annoying. What do we call that style? Metroidvania? Since Metroid follows the same style.
Anything after Symphony of the Night is an automatic going to play game. For one, that's where I started. I never played Rondo of Blood, but I did play Dracula X on PSP. The updated graphics was appreciated. 
Dawn of Sorrow I went in expecting simple platforming, action-rpg elements that are familiar in all Castlevania games, besides the 3D ones of course - Lament of Innocence anyone? Well, I got that. Unlike previous titles in the franchise, this game is bright.
The overall visuals of the game are not as brooding and gothic as what you imagine when you think of Castlevania. This could be because artist Ayami Kojima was not doing the artwork. Several reviewers noticed the shift in…

What emulators am I using?

Emulators, love or hate em', they ain't going anywhere. Video game emulators have been around since the mid-1990s and have only got better since their humble beginnings.  Many purists would argue that emulators ruin the experience of the game by not playing the game on the system it was intended to. I would argue that emulators are the audiobooks of actual books. Does it matter what version a video game is played as long as at the core you are playing that game? 
Cartridge or virtual marketplace?
Disc or ISO?
I understand you want the full experience of playing Castlevania SOTN on PS. I remember doing it way back in the day. I've experienced it first hand and now, I would rather have a hard drive that holds thousands of games versus a full dedicated game room. 
I'm going to name a few emulators I currently run on my laptop. If there's any I should know about, please comment.
Dreamcast - Nulldc 1.0.4 For years I have used Nulldc. Dreamcast was ahead of its time and…

Spiked Tropic Storm: Not for me

Steel Reserve's 6th addition, Spiked Tropic Storm, to its Alloy series is a no-go for me.  In the past, I reviewed other flavored malt liquors in the Natty Rush series like Blue Razz and Watermelon Smash. In truth, I enjoy flavored malt liquors and for the most part, all of the Alloy series from Steel Reserve. Spiked Watermelon may be my favorite next to Hard Pineapple.

If you are not familiar with the Alloy Series, I suggest you start with my two favorites mentioned above. Inexpensive, good-tasting, and ABV of 8%. According to Nielsen convenience data in 2018, "this year has been the most productive brand in the higher-ABV FMB space, outperforming Mike's Harder, Lime-A-Ritas and Four Loko."

However, Spiked Tropic Storm was a huge disappointment when compared to the previous flavors released. Tropic Storm is marketed as some sort of tropical mix - that actually tastes like nothing but alcohol. I wasn't feeling this one. I doubt it was a bad batch. There was a hi…