Classic Sibling Videogames Part 1: The Warriors PS2

My brother is not a gamer. He's never had much interest except a few games that stuck out for the both of us to play. The nights were long when we did find a game we could agree on.
The last console we bonded over was during the PS2 era. Such good times. That was during my young care-free teenage years. For some, those years where when you could spend all weekend playing with no responsibilities. My brother is four years younger, so he was in the same boat as me.
I want to start a small series of titles I remember us playing. To kick us off, let's start with The Warriors on PS2.
Released in October 2005 by Rockstar. The same company behind GTA, Manhunt, and Red Dead Redemption. The game is based off the movie The Warriors which is based off a book under the same name. Never knew it was based off a book. I'll have to give it a read.  The game features the actors in the movie as voice actors. 
The Warriors are one of many gangs in 1970's New York. They are wrongfu…

Ramblings of a drunk person

The hangover. You know that feeling when you wake up wondering why the fuck you drink? I get that feeling more often than I should. Why do we do it? Some might be saying, "but Anthony I don't drink that much." Fuck off for lying. We all know you drink that much.
I'm at the age where I know my limit. I know when enough is enough or how I should've ate more before drinking. I feel the regret as I type. I can feel the tingle. I can feel my mouth getting dry. The small amount of water I just drank isn't going to do a damn thing to prevent the shit storm that will occur tomorrow when I wake.
So why do it at all?
Fuck if I know. Why do we do anything we do? Why live? Why breathe? Why work shitty jobs we hate with fuck ass people we hate? What is the meaning of life?
If you couldn't tell by now, this is the incoherent rambling I promised in my Instagram profile. Or wherever the fuck I wrote it.
The problem is why continue to drink beyond our limits. Why can't we …

Battlefield 3 Won't Die

When I come over to my girlfriend's place I am stuck with either what is on my laptop or her PS3. That's fine. I seem to manage each time. I can't say much because I go back sometimes and play SNES games on my laptop when I'm home. The PS3 isn't bad. No PS4, but she has no use for one so the 3 works for her. 
Free online play is a plus. I understand Sony had to start charging, but at least they stayed faithful to the PS3 customers. I have numerous games at her house. No need for them at my place since I can't play them.
The one game I start up consistently at her house is Battlefield 3. My first experience with this game is when it was released. I was still holding on to Bad Company 2 and didn't want to embrace the future. My girlfriend had BF3 before me because I had her hooked on Bad Company 2. The moment I saw gameplay I got nauseous. Looking back, I think it had more to do with me not wanting to move past my favorite game at the time. I didn't want to…

Command And Conquer Red Alert Retaliation: The Best In The Series

The year is 2003. Summertime. Here in Texas, Summer is no laughing matter. It gets hot. This Summer in particular was scorching. Too damn hot to be outside that’s for sure. I've exhausted every game I owned up until that point. 
An unholy force placed my new addiction in the corner of my eye. At the time I didn't know much about the series Red Alert or anything about real time strategy games for that matter. Not sure how I even obtained the game looking back. But, something otherworldly had it out for me in the form of a PS1 disc.
My PS2 was getting some heavy use and needed a break. I rummaged through all my stuff looking for the silver ancient PS1. Took some time but there it was. Dusty, old, and longing for someone to turn it on. 
After an eternity passed for the game to load, I witnessed the opening video. That's right, witnessed.
The opening video is fucking amazing. Especially to twelve-year-old me. Some badass industrial music kicks in, then tanks come out, there's …

Mini Liquor Bottles: The Good And The Bad

This post is brought to you by four mini liquor bottles. Small doses but added all up together they give quite the punch. I'm going to name off the good and bad of these little devils.
Let’s start positive with the good.
1. Price
On average you will be spending anywhere from a dollar to two. Small investment for a quick taste. Beer may not be for everyone. A little bit of liquor makes for a good alternative.
2. Variety
Inexpensive bottles are the best way to try out new drinks. A handful of bottles can give you the opportunity to try drinks you normally wouldn't. Not all tequila is good. I managed to find my new favorite today. Only a dollar was spent, and I can live with that. Imagine dropping forty-five dollars on a bottle you hate. I would still drink it. I can't speak for others.

Now for the bad 
1. Only one bottle
Let's say you find a drink you like. 
The problem is you only bought one bottle and the liquor store closes in five minutes. Now you're stuck waiting t…

Taaka: Worst Vodka I've Ever Had

Want to read about the worse vodka I've ever had. Well, OK, if you must.
Taaka is the worse vodka I have ever gulped down. The only flavor present is alcohol. For the price, what can you expect? Much more is the answer.
Sazerac Company, based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, has been producing this "vodka" since 1959. Which is a long time to produce something that tastes like ass. Actually, ass tastes better than this. Speaking from experience on this one. Don't judge me. Especially if you are a prude who has never indulged. Don't knock it till you try it or in this case tossed a salad with intent.
Taaka does have some redeeming factors. Sazerac may have unknowingly created a shit vodka that isn’t that bad. Here are two reasons that may give you a second look at whatever unholy shelf this Taaka sits on.
Over this weekend, the misses and I stopped by one of favorite haunts, Specs. For those not familiar, Specs is a chain liquor store that wishes it was Total Wine. …

I Don't Get Minecraft

I don't get Minecraft. 
I'm not too old for it because from what I see, the game appeals to every age. I've seen men older than me enjoy it. Gaming doesn't have an age, but you would think it's more of a kids game if you look at the marketing of the franchise. 
Feels like kids are the main target for Minecraft merchandise. Nothing wrong with that. I've played, and I can see how children would be drawn in. I think it's good for them to get away from the more violent games and do some world building. I'm all for creativity. From those that have read this blog before, you know I'm a creative person. 
But I don't get the game. As in it's not a game for me. There doesn't seem to be a clear objective. Not every free roaming game clicks with me. GTA for example doesn't work for me. There are very few that do. 
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is the first and only game that I can put on, go in to auto-pilot, and lose track of time. Diablo on the ot…