Gaming essentials: The right group

The right group can make or break a gaming session. Online or offline.
Solo gamers need not apply. We are talking about group play. If you play alone or don't have a group, then feel free to catch up with part one and two and wait for part four. I want to talk about how the right group can make the night better or ruin it.

The Bad First let's get the bad out the way. Read Gandors advice about people being dicks to understand where I'm coming from. The whole group doesn't have to be a dick, but more than one can ruin everything.

"I don't want to play that."
"You can't do that."
"Let's play something else."
Other obnoxious bullshit Gandor mentioned.

The group can turn on itself. From playing nice to undermining game night. How does this happen? Who knows? What I do know is when it's coming down to a session starting to suck. You feel it in the air. The group starts to check their phone, conversations become irrelevant, and sugge…

Gandor the drunk's advice corner: Don't be a dick

Gandor the drunk's advice corner is all about the thoughtful insight of a drunken wizard. He may slur, check out your hot girlfriend, or vomit mid sentence, but he does kind of make a point. Sometimes.

Gandor here. Let me begin by sayin(hiccup)g, welcome to my humble abode located at the top of Witch Tit's tower. How gracious of you to join me. You might remember me from such popular film's like Gandor the Drunk RPGing: A Microfilm or Nazi Werewolves from Outerspace.

Now with the pleasantry's out the way, let's get to the real issue at hand. Dick head people. Players, DMs, and everyone else.

What do I mean by dick head people? Besides the obvious asshole that is being a jerk, there's the unknowingly asshole. These people are the ones that are obnoxious and yet to figure it out. Not everyone has comedic timing. Some don't know when the joke is over. It happens. Not all jokes work out.

But if the group at a whole has stopped giving their pity laughs,…

First Adventures: Swords and Wizardry

I am taking a player that has no experience and have them play a game to get their first impression. The first in this series is Swords and Wizardry. First adventures is a recap of a play through I had with a player that has no prior knowledge of the game we played. The goal is defining the accessibility of the game, mechanics, how the game was played, flow, and first impression of the game. Along with other details that come up.

I will tell you how I ran the adventure, what tools I used, and how the game went.

What I want you to get out of this series is our experience playing a game and whether you might want to do the same with inexperienced players.

First off I had no prior experience of being a DM for someone other than myself. This experiment is a means of learning for me too. I play solo. Only me. Now with an another player things are different. It has made for a whole new experience. 
Now with that out the way, let's talk about Swords and Wizardry.
OSR I chose Swords and W…

Gaming essentials: Dice

Dice are another gaming essential depending on what you're playing. The right dice make a difference. On to part two of this gaming essential list. Dice. Any and all. Get your D20s and roll for initiative because that's something we do around here.

Rolling dice is part relaxing and nerve-wracking. The anxiety that comes with the roll of a die can be addictive. Saving throws or more importantly a Craps roll can make or break a person.

What are they used for A bet or a wager. Will I take damage? I'm throwing dice betting against the odds I won't get hit. More times than not, the dice are never in my favor. Back to my craps analogy, I make a bet that I'll guess right what the die will land on.

In MTG I used dice to tell me how many tokens I had. It was easier than using face down cards littering the playing field. Bottom of the 9th uses dice to represent what pitch was thrown and another dice to determine whether my batter hit that ball.

There are more examples, but …

Donkey Kong Country SNES review

Donkey Kong Country. One of the greatest? Of course. But does that stop me from putting DKC on the list of games that can go fuck themselves? Absolutely not.
As young as I may have been when this game released I still remember how popular it was. Everyone had it. If you owned a SNES owned this game. It was like Goldeneye on N64. You owned it. And that's it.

Music, Graphics, Gameplay, and memorable/likable characters. This game has it all.

You might be asking yourself how someone like me can even dare to say this game can go fuck itself. Well, it's because I have never beat it.

This game still haunts me for that.

Release Rare's attempt at reinventing Donkey Kong was a colossal success. Upon its release it met with critical acclaim. Within the first month it sold 500,000 copies. Gamerankings gave DKC an 89% and to this day people are still giving this game the high praises it deserves. Since 1994 people still come back to this game.
Plot Donkey Kong entrusts Diddy Kong to g…

Rygar The Legendary Adventure review

Greek mythology was given an reintroduction in to the mainstream with Rygar The Legendary Adventure, the action adventure classic for the PS2.
Rygar on PS2 kicks ass! I had such an adventure the first time I played it. The times after were as good. One of those glorious summers as a teen was spent playing this game after it was recommendation from my uncle. If it wasn't for him I would've missed out on a lot of classics.

Fun fact I didn't know, it was originally on NES and arcade. We didn't get the arcade version here in the states and I was too young for the original.

That's ok, we will be focusing on the PS2 classic, or at least to me what is a classic.

Release  Tecmo released Rygar on November 25, 2002 in North America. The game met with positive reviews all across the board with the average score of 8/10. Metacritic giving an 83 is a big deal considering how stuff gets reviewed on there.

Plot Rygar takes place on the mythical Mediterranean island Argus.  He is…

Laser tag reinvented by Recoil

The future of laser tag is here. Recoil has redefined the at home experience of laser tag, minus the bulky vests.I don't get to play laser tag as often as I would like. Which is kind of weird for an adult to want to play as much as I do. There's something about the futuristic element of shooting lasers that appeals to my nerdy science fiction loving side. Recoil has bridged that gap for me. 

Toys R' Us unfortunate demise brought on good fortune for me. I picked up the Recoil starter set with two pistols for $40. That is a steal when compared to the original price of $129.99.

If the intro hasn't made it clear, Recoil is laser tag. But improved. The developers advertise an FPS experience in real life.

But do they deliver?

The AppI don't need to explain to you what laser tag is. If you never played, then wow, I feel sorry for you. The fun of shooting someone without hurting them or more importantly yourself. Ok. Sure, paintball might be the better option for an adult. Gu…