Gaming essentials: Dice

Dice are another gaming essential depending on what you're playing. The right dice make a difference.

On to part two of this gaming essential list. Dice. Any and all. Get your D20s and roll for initiative because that's something we do around here.

Rolling dice is part relaxing and nerve-wracking. The anxiety that comes with the roll of a die can be addictive. Saving throws or more importantly a Craps roll can make or break a person.

What are they used for

A bet or a wager. Will I take damage? I'm throwing dice betting against the odds I won't get hit. More times than not, the dice are never in my favor. Back to my craps analogy, I make a bet that I'll guess right what the die will land on.

In MTG I used dice to tell me how many tokens I had. It was easier than using face down cards littering the playing field. Bottom of the 9th uses dice to represent what pitch was thrown and another dice to determine whether my batter hit that ball.

There are more examples, but it goes to show they can serve many purposes. RPGs come to mind first when I think of dice. The omnipotent D20.

Tabletop RPGs

Pen? Check. Paper? Check. Dice? Of course. I'm looking at my purple 7 dice set from Chessex right now.

If you know anything about me, you'll know I don't prefer luck-based games. I.e. family game night games. But in most games I play, it's a necessary evil I make exceptions for. I think it's the inherit anxiety that comes with rolling dice that turn me off. 

We all just want to do the action. Throw your dagger in the air away from you, do a cool ass spin like Blade at the end of your run, catch the dagger, and throw it at an enemy hitting them right between the eyes. Well, I would imagine any DM is going to ask for plenty of checks between all those actions. What if I roll a one and fall on my stomach and the dagger falls in to my hand instead of a goblin's face?

In an instance like this, it goes to show how powerful dice can be. Besides player's imagination, dice ultimately determine the fate of the game.

The right roll will keep my character from falling in to a trap. Or I will charm the right person enough to get the information I need. Randomness adds excitement and keeps people interested. Without it, everything becomes predictable.

So many to choose from

There are many options out there in the market. Many companies make dice for different reasons. Casinos to the casual gamer. There's even jewelry out there to show off your love for rolling. A T-shirt will do the same for you.

That's where the fun begins. Choose your favorite colors and even mix match for different games or reasons. I stick with my purple for everything. It can be difficult to not get trapped in the never-ending pursuit of dice collecting. Ornate metal dice are badass. Pricey, but badass. I have yet to make the leap in to collecting dice. 

The right ones matter

What makes dice an essential is the importance you give them. They are your dice. Sometimes they are your lucky dice. They are the ones you chose. The ones you always play with. The ones you can't play without. Dice can represent the good times you have playing. Or the bad times that made for good stories. 

Go grab your dice and tell them how much you love them. Or don't because that would be fucking creepy if you did. 

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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