Resident Evil 2 Remake: The game we thought would never be

So it happened. It finally happened. Capcom made what the fans wanted. A good RE remake.

This week at E3 Capcom revealed their teaser trailer for Resident Evil 2: Remake. I just watched it and you know I have to talk about it.

Resident evil means a lot to me. If you have read about my fear or my love for the novels than you know why this release is a big deal for me. Although I may never own it because that gameplay footage they released as well was scary as shit.

Let's talk teaser trailer first.

At first, I was kind of put off by the rat's POV. Once the atmosphere was established and the altercation between the cop and zombie were apparent I was on board. 

Cinematically you don't always want to give your audience everything up front. It is just as important to not show something as much as it is to show. You could hear the distress from the cop. 

When they hit the floor and you watched the zombie bite into the cop it was like from RE 1 when you encounter the first zombie. The close up on the face to reveal the dead in their eyes. The scene was able to recapture what RE fans remember and been longing. The horror that has been missing.

Now on to the gameplay trailer.

Truly amazing. I am blown away at Capcom has produced compared to their last few releases besides the revelations series. Capcom catches a lot of shit for customers/fans always saying they don't listen. 

By going back to their roots but with modern updates they were able to give fans what they want. Or at least from my perspective and what I get in the comments section everywhere this game is shown. 

Resident Evil 2 but with the graphics it deserves to make it horrifying. The originals used tight spaces, limited movement and ammo, and your will to survive to make a unique experience. Now take those core elements in to modern day. Actions are fluid, graphics are crisp, and no need for the beloved fixed angles due to hardware limitations.

One complaint I see is there are no fixed camera angles. I am fine with that. The camera is OTS but still close to limit your view. RE 5 was an action game. RE 2 looks more like a survival horror.

If you look closely there are so many details that can go unnoticed at first. Attention to detail was important to the developers and it shows. Look for where damage is taken. Pay attention all the floors and walls. Even in sound design. Just listen to Leon's commentary the entire time.


Capcom combined RE 4,2, and RE 1 remake. Visibility is going to play a huge role. From the scenes with a flashlight it appears Doom might have influenced in some way. Puzzles are never going away. Neither is all the backtracking. Wouldn't be RE if there wasn't any backtracking.

The environment

The police department looks in shambles and more claustrophobic than the first one. Everything is dark as it should be. I wouldn't imagine the department to have much power and the events do take place at night. 

The story looks different.

I don't expect it to be exact to the original. It's a remake not HD remastered. Even Leon has a face lift. That bothers me in no way. Although RE 4 Leon will always be Leon to me.


Holy shit they are creepy! The zombie models are all decaying with chunks missing. We see a glimpse of the others, but enough to know they are going to be a pain in the ass to defeat.

T-00 aka Trenchy. Before Nemesis there was this brute. And he looks menacing. Besides zombies and lickers, this guy has me hyped. I can guarantee I would scream like a bitch if he were to burst through a wall.

We got what we asked for

This title looks like what we asked for. So far. For all we know Capcom could rehaul a good portion and give us another RE 7. But for now, I am content with what has been released. 

What do you think? Is it what you wanted, or you fucking hate it? Let me know.

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