3 games to jump into pt 2

Three more suggestions for games that are easy to jump into.

I did part one as a means to give you ideas of what you could play to kill time or not invest too much time into. If I'm not passed out from drinking a couple of brews, then I am probably working on something. This gives me little time to invest in anything. You may be suffering the same fate as I am. Don't worry, I got your back with more suggestions.

1. Marvel vs Capcom 2

As broken as this game may be, it still holds up. 56 characters to choose from. 56! 3 on 3 team battles with chaos that doesn't stop. Seriously, how is this a professionally played video game? You can't even tell what's going on. I always assumed whoever could button mash the most wins. If you aren't picking Cable, Storm, Magneto, Sentinel, Cyclops, or Captain Commando then you obviously don't plan on winning.

Also, above all else, the music makes the game a solid 11/10 for me. I want to take you for a ride.

2. Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow

If you been reading the blog then you would know this game made the game of the month for March 2019. I pointed out how this title doesn't fit in aesthetically with the Castlevania franchise. However, it plays just like a Castlevania title.

This one is relatively short with an average time to beat around five hours. That makes it perfect for the list, but not much else.

3. Basic Fantasy RPG

I don't go recommending RP games often. I went with Basic Fantasy because of accessibility, price, and light rules with more content than your average OSR. You can download the complete rules here. You might also be thinking about how DnD 5E is free and why didn't I put that on the list? Everyone is playing 5E. Be different. Also, the 5E light rules are limited. Yes, you can play as soon as you download, however, you'll be wanting more. Then you'll go out and get the books and all that good stuff.

The point is to jump in and out of a game. Quick dungeon crawls. Not to say you can't with 5E, but I think something like Basic Fantasy is worth a try instead. I included Basic Fantasy in the hopes of you playing solo. There's tons of information out there on how to get a game going on your own. Without a group, you can take breaks between sessions and pick up where you left off easier. That's how I do it. My best advice, take plenty of short notes. If you read over your notes and it starts to feel like you're reading a short story, then scale it back some.

What to pair with?

Recently, I have been drinking more Pabst Blue Ribbon. Lone Star is usually my drink of choice at concerts, but a PBR isn't bad from time to time.

Enjoy your drinks and game on. 

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