2018 Wrap up

The year is coming to a close. Let's talk about the past but more importantly the future.

What a year! My first year of blogging. A few hangups but for the most part I am proud to say I knocked out more posts than I ever thought imaginable. Honestly, didn't think I would make it this far.

Here's why,

I am always busy. That's right, ya boi has other things to do.  Never fear. I am working on a posting schedule. Truth is, finding time to write is difficult. Very. Very difficult. The love for it has not gone away. My passion for this blog has remained the same, just not my time.

Other projects

There are other projects I have going on as well. For those who have been following this drunk stumbling of an adventure, thank you. You might have picked up on the fact that I do video. Photography, video, editing, all that good stuff. I kind of want to put that with the blog. Probably not. I considered a podcast. In the future?

I bring up video because I plan on starting a blog for the work that I do. A way for people to follow along with a starving artist. Keep an eye out for that.

Blog goals

As for plans for the blog, the goal is more posts in the form of shorter lengths. Half the size of what I been posting. More rambling. Lots of rambling. Retrogaming will always be around, so I want to move more in to recent gaming news. Don't hold me to that. Videogames will remain the bread and butter of this blog.

Board games/Tabletop RPGs still have a place on this blog. Those will not be going away. I have games lined up for more first time adventures. Time again is the issue when it comes to getting a group together. I am open to any suggestions for tabletop games.

All in all, thank you.

Returning readers and new readers thank you for making this experience awesome. I have received more views to the blog than I expected. That adds fuel to this burning passion I have.

Don't be a stranger. Follow on IG, Twitter, Facebook, and reach out to me.

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What do I recommend for the end of the year? 

Whatever is going to get you tore up from the floor up. We drinking Steel Reserves so we can start 2019 passed out.

Let's grow together. Use this link to get one free stock with Robinhood. The most important person to invest in is you. I got a share with Sirius XM for signing up. Who will you get?

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