Rygar The Legendary Adventure review

Greek mythology was given an reintroduction in to the mainstream with Rygar The Legendary Adventure, the action adventure classic for the PS2.

Rygar on PS2 kicks ass! I had such an adventure the first time I played it. The times after were as good. One of those glorious summers as a teen was spent playing this game after it was recommendation from my uncle. If it wasn't for him I would've missed out on a lot of classics.

Fun fact I didn't know, it was originally on NES and arcade. We didn't get the arcade version here in the states and I was too young for the original.

That's ok, we will be focusing on the PS2 classic, or at least to me what is a classic.


Tecmo released Rygar on November 25, 2002 in North America. The game met with positive reviews all across the board with the average score of 8/10. Metacritic giving an 83 is a big deal considering how stuff gets reviewed on there.


Rygar takes place on the mythical Mediterranean island Argus.  He is receiving a wreath from Princess Harmonia for a victorious naval battle. Titans attack the island, kidnap Harmonia, and a minotaur rips a hole in the ground to leave Rygar trapped. While down in a hole(that Alice in Chains reference was intentional) Rygar discovers the diskarmor, a legendary shield of the gods. He is now tasked with stopping the titans led by Echidna, rescue Harmonia, and bring peace to Argus.

TLDR; Legendary warrior wields "diskarmor" in Greek mythology era to stop Titans and save princess.


rygar light leakDo the graphics hold up for almost 16 years later? You bet your ass they do. The game was gorgeous then and is now. The PS2 era of consoles was more powerful than we give credit for.

Cutscenes are flawless and I does not look like 16 years have passed. In game footage is impressive for the time. There are details you can differentiate unlike PS1 games. The water flows and light leaks from windows. The torches in caves and buildings have limited light producing shadows in corners.


Bassy. Not a word. I know. But, that's the only way to describe the sound design. When enemies stomp, you feel it. Loud thuds. Enemies have death cries that are unique to each. Your diskarmor hitting objects sound like they forcefully connect. Hit rocks and you'll hear the sound of steel scraping.

Background music is symphonic and make the game feel more cinematic. There are 27 tracks for the game. That should give you an idea of the amount music variety you'll hear. This is one of those games I don't mind listening to.

To top it off, you have voice actors that can act. What a game. The dialogue isn't cheesy and you can tell there are different actors.


Here's where the game truly shines. Rygar moves freely and has all kinds of moves. Jumping, sliding, and ripping shit apart with the different diskarmors. Chain combos together by hitting more enemies, Devil May Cry style. If you ever played DMC and its flawless control setup than you'll appreciate Rygar.


You can't talk controls without talking about the main focus of the game, the diskarmor. From what I remember, there were three. (Correct me if I am wrong. It has been awhile since my last play through and I was drunk when I did.) Each with their own unique characteristics and abilities.

One for close range, mid-range, and long range. You upgrade them through special stones and abilities that will unlocked through gameplay. This adds new mechanics as you progress through the game. One of the most important abilities is the grapple. This allows you to swing from marked areas reaching new parts of the map

If I had to choose my favorite, I would say the short range diskarmor. That one could fuck shit up with multiple hits allowing for larger combos. Kind of like working a speedbag.


Armored worms and bipedal Venus flytraps. That makes up the majority so get used to them.

Bosses are a different story. The boss battles are epic. Large bastards that offer a good amount of challenge. I want you to experience this game, so I'll leave you with this, there's a 5 headed dragon except, the dragon heads are actually baby heads. Yeah, I know, what the actual fuck.
rygar baby head dragon


If you played DMC, you played Rygar. Linear story with upgrades as you progress. What makes it different besides the Greek mythology theme and diskarmor? Nothing. Those are the differences that make the game what it is.

Exploration breaks up the monotony of the button mashing. There are plenty of rocks, walls, and other objects to break through to discover items. Metroidvania style.


This is a game you've played before. For me, that's fine. It's easy to pick up. The repetitive nature of the game balances out with stunning visuals and original theme.

The game never feels stiff. Never like I'm stuck. The game holds my hand the whole way through and I appreciate that. I think because of its arcade background that it plays straightforward. Each time I start the game up I don't feel loss.

Thematically it is different from most games. For me that's the appeal besides the easy gameplay. Greek mythology is not my strongest subject, nor do I claim to know much about it. So, this gives me the opportunity to explore new worlds and ideas.

It helps Rygar is a true badass.

What drinks do I recommend

Wine isn't for me, but when in Rome. Is Rome in Greece? Where is Greece as a matter of fact and what the fuck is a Gyro. If Arby's is selling them I don't think I want it.


Go with some wine if you're playing Rygar. Preferably Barefoot.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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