Laser tag reinvented by Recoil

recoil laser tag reinvented

The future of laser tag is here. Recoil has redefined the at home experience of laser tag, minus the bulky vests.

I don't get to play laser tag as often as I would like. Which is kind of weird for an adult to want to play as much as I do. There's something about the futuristic element of shooting lasers that appeals to my nerdy science fiction loving side. Recoil has bridged that gap for me. 

Toys R' Us unfortunate demise brought on good fortune for me. I picked up the Recoil starter set with two pistols for $40. That is a steal when compared to the original price of $129.99.
If the intro hasn't made it clear, Recoil is laser tag. But improved. The developers advertise an FPS experience in real life.
But do they deliver?
The App
The bright white and orange color scheme makes it stick out like a sore thumb. I wouldn't expect a toy gun to look realistic for safety reasons.recoil gunsSomething about lining up your shot with a rifle feels more badass than a pistol. Unless you had two phones and were dual wielding pistols.
I am even tempted to buy the grenade. That shit blows my mind that laser tag now has a grenade. Best part is still to come about the power-ups.
Game modes
OverallPairs well with

I don't need to explain to you what laser tag is. If you never played, then wow, I feel sorry for you. The fun of shooting someone without hurting them or more importantly yourself. Ok. Sure, paintball might be the better option for an adult. Guess what? That shit hurts and I ain't about that life.

So how does Recoil improve on laser tag you might be asking?

It's all in the app designed by Skyrocket. That is one of the drawbacks of Recoil. You have to use a smartphone to play.

The central hub that comes with the starter set gets placed in the middle of the playing field. The hub connects all players using Wi-Fi. From there you would attach your phone with a bracket on to the side of your gun. One player would choose the game, set the rules, and host the lobby for all players to join before the game can begin.

From the box, you would be under the impression you are playing through the phone. Setting up obstacles or something. Instead, the app displays your health, ammo, and a radar for enemies and power-ups. The box art design was a little misleading.
recoil app

For the first few games there was connection errors. They went away, and gameplay was smooth and responsive. Anyone familiar with how GPS is sketchy around trees will expect some inaccuracies. That's just the nature of GPS. I was surprised at how accurate it was even with trees on my playing field.

There is a voice chat function that sends messages walkie-talkie style. Hold down a button on the side your gun to record the message. I could send messages to my girlfriend although she was the enemy. If I had someone on my team, maybe the message is only sent to them? Not sure.

The design of the guns is impressive. They don't feel cheap. There is weight to them. The response from the vibration when you get shot adds to the overall experience.

Personally, the SR-12 Rogue rifle is the better gun. The pistols would be better for children since they make are lighter. For accuracy and more ammo, I suggest getting the rifle starter instead.

I discovered the power-ups accidentally during one of the games. As I was running for cover I picked up a crate. I got armor piercing ammo. Chewed right through the armor pick-up my girlfriend had.

The next power-up I got was the air strike. You don't know how awesome it is to call an air strike on a hiding enemy. When an air strike is called on an enemy position they are given a warning to evacuate their position or get hit. The player must run out of the blast zone to avoid heavy damage. A counter appears on their phone and lets them know when they are out of the blast zone. You can save up a limited number of power-ups which later in the game become important to use.

I don't remember which power-up left a radiated area that caused damage as you stood in it. Stuff like that changes the landscape of the playing field immersing you more in the game.

The game modes can be played with up to 16 people. Which that in itself is insane. Recoil is trying to capture the modern-day FPS by having team deathmatch and capture the flag. What you would expect from an FPS.

Here's where the biggest drawback is. The hub took four AA batteries. Pistol is another four. And the rifle took six. That doesn't take in to account the battery of your phone being drained.

I have read that some devices cannot take rechargeable batteries. Recoil is one I am not sure about. Honestly, that would be the only way. To drop money on batteries can add up quickly.

I see myself playing this a lot more. Initially, I didn't think it was going to enjoy it. Why would anyone want to do all of this when you can play Cod? The reason is it's fun. that simple.

My girlfriend and I tested the game in her room sitting not far from each other taking whatever cover was available. After two rounds, in a synchronized fashion, we yelled to take the fight outside. Her front yard is massive with trees and cars we could use for cover.

Summer nights in Texas are hot. Add in some running around and you will be sweating. We were pouring sweat but had such a fun time doing it. An hour passed, and we didn't even notice.

That makes it worth buying. The fun you can have doing what you would in front of a couch but outside in real life. Recoil is not going to revolutionize anything and become a sport. Doesn't have to. Instead it took something old and gave it an update to match the technology we have now.

I guess what I'm saying is if Recoil leagues start popping up, my drunk ass is going to sign up.

Do I recommend anything that pairs well with Recoil? No. You might throw it up with all the running and I don't condone the waste of alcohol. Instead, drink afterwards. A few Bud Lights go well with stories from the battlefield.

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