Two Hats: Not just for the young

So, a new beer has hit the market, and of course, ya boy has tried it. Two Hats to be exact. This is the beer for the person who likes mineral water. Like Perrier. That shit. If you couldn't tell I'm not a fan of mineral water.

MillerCoors brewing targets young drinkers

The goal of Two Hats is to target the 21-24 demographic drinkers. Especially with pricing. Not much advertising has been done when compared to other beers they sell. Instead advertising efforts have been focused on online targeted ads.

Smart move using this campaign model. Using Instagram is the best way to reach the audience they are looking for.


My girlfriend and I bought a six-pack of the pineapple flavor. The first sip for both of us was unimpressive. For the price, there isn't much to expect. I was left to finish all of them by myself. Not complaining.

Think of Perrier or LaCroix. Two Hats is light, refreshing, not too sweet, sparkling water mixed with alcohol. Coming in with ABV of 4.2 it is going to take the whole six pack to feel something.

Utility beer

Last weekend I bought the lime six pack. Turns out, the second go-around was much better. What I have come to realize is this beer is best used at the end of your drinking sesh. After two tall cans and the night winding down, Two Hats really shines.

The beer can be used as a means to taper the night off. For when you want to keep the buzzing going without completely becoming shitfaced.


Give Two Hats a try. For the price, it's worth it. Don't get it expecting anything spectacular other than a cheap way to break out of your routine. As a beer drinker, I find it easy to get in habit of drinking the same beer over and over. Something fruity like Two Hats can help break that habit of drinking piss flavored 40's.

Pair Two Hats with a classic board game like Sorry, Monopoly, or even a card game with Uno. MillerCoors wants young people to drink so play something a young person would play.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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