Not all video game controllers are the same

Controllers are not all created the same. Console designers all envision something different. But, Sony got it right. Not all the time, but for the most part no controller can compare. Especially the fuck ass Madcatz or anyother knockoff 3rd party controller maker.

Remember those cheap alternatives? Those oddly misshapen abominations always ended up in the collection. No one knows how or why. But you could count on Madcatz bullshitting their way in to your living room.


The only one I ever liked was a purple led hardwired controller for the 360. Purple is my favorite color and the size of the controller was a little smaller than what came with the console. Felt better in the hands. The original Xbox controller was too large and the 360 was scaled down to fit better. But that purple one was the best.


Like I said, Sony has controllers down. Maybe not the stiff original PS1 controller, but the PS2/3 were the best. Ergonomically nothing else can compare. My only issue right now is my PS4 controller seems to be dying. Movements in game are slowed then rapidly jittery. Annoying when try to play anything.


Nintendo is iconic. Doesn't mean I am going to go out of my way for any of their controllers. As a matter of fact, they are my least favorite. The NES controller is a rectangle with a few buttons. SNES had the best one. N64 can eat ass. For the record, I had a green Madcatz N64 controller, so I can tell it to eat ass.

Wii and up make sense for how the games are played. You need two controllers.

Oh yeah, GC sticks out for worse design. Don't let your nostalgia glasses keep you from seeing that it was a bad design and was atrocious to look at.


Sega might come close to tying with Nintendo for least favorite controllers. Genesis boomerang controller wasn't comfortable. The dreamcast controller on the other hand was ahead of its time with the VMU being inserted in to it. Having additional game info displayed was cool at the time.

We can agree that 3rd party controllers are the worse. Doesn't matter what console. Whatever major developers came up will be better than whatever knockoff is on sale. Even those dumbass Nerf controllers.

What is your favorite/hated controller? Or better yet tell me how I am wrong about the GC. I know you want to.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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