Don't mix your alcohol, the old wives' tale

Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.

Does this famous quote hold some truth? Or is it an old wives’ tale that doesn’t matter?

From experience I can tell you how I prefer stronger alcohol content drinks before lower ones. The buzz hits harder than tapers off smoothly without me getting as sick. Beer than into hard liquor has always led me to vomiting and having horrible hangovers the next day.

According to Kevin Strang, PhD, if you start drinking something with a lower alcohol content, your body gets used to getting drunk at a certain rate. When you switch to something with a higher alcohol content, your body still thinks it’s getting drunk at the rate of the first drink, so you drink faster… and subsequently, you get sicker.

For the most part I try to stick to one kind of drink. Beer only or whiskey only. Time to time I have a few beers than later to keep the buzz going I pour myself a small mixed drink. The days of drinking till I vomit are over. I have nothing to prove or better yet, I know my limit.

I think most young drinkers underestimate alcohol. If they aren't drunk, they continue to drink well on past the point of no return. The alcohol takes time to go through your system and has a delayed effect. After vomiting the world continues to spend because there's still more to pass through. 

Even worse is when you take a break from drinking then go right back to the amount you left off at. Your body is not adjusted and gets wrecked. 

The lesson here is, there is some science behind the old wives’ tale, but it is better to know your limits. In the end that's what matters most. 

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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