Cheap drink alternative: Clubtails

Going to bars to get fancy drinks isn't always an option for me. Sometimes I'm stuck at home without a ride due to all kinds of reasons. Mostly laziness.

But quality drinks aren't only found in bars or private home collections. At my local QT I can get Clubtails 3 for $5.99. Here's why you should be doing the same.

1.Famous cocktails

Tonight I went with Margarita, Screwdriver, Peach Breeze. They aren't the real thing. I get it. But still the flavor is worth trying. As a malt flavored beverage they aren't bad. The Margarita tastes closer to a Bud Lite Lime-A-Rita. Sex on the beach is the best with the screwdriver coming in close second.

For the price of one can you get 16 oz versus what little amount you would get at a bar. Which brings me to the next point.


Seriously. 3 for $5.99 is a steal. Still getting 48oz for the same price as two "premium' tall cans. You would be lucky to get one mixed drink for that price at your local bar. As a budget alcoholic you can't pass a deal up like this.

3.Alcohol content

What Clubtail gets right is the flavor, but not only that, to do it at 10% alcohol. Higher alcohol percentages lead to bitter tastes. Clubtail solved that problem. Again they won't be taste like the real cocktails but damn are they close. I'm feeling real good 2 1/2 deep in as I write this. Funkdoobiest-wopbabalubop is playing right now. Classic.

Final take

Try these cocktails in a can.You won't be disappointed. My girlfriend isn't one to drink anything flavored when it comes to malt beverages, but the Sex on the beach is her favorite. I know this means nothing to you with a point of reference, but just know I been trying to get her to drink with me for 7 years. She's a picky drinker and if she can admit liking something, than it must be good.

I would pair this with a board game. Nothing heavy. The goal is to party and a Margarita or Screwdriver are good choices for that. Cheap, delicious, and high alcohol content all check off the boxes for a budget alcoholic.

Let me know what you think of these cocktails in a can. Or if my taste buds don't work and should drink something better.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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