Battlefield 3 Won't Die

When I come over to my girlfriend's place I am stuck with either what is on my laptop or her PS3. That's fine. I seem to manage each time. I can't say much because I go back sometimes and play SNES games on my laptop when I'm home. The PS3 isn't bad. No PS4, but she has no use for one so the 3 works for her. 

Free online play is a plus. I understand Sony had to start charging, but at least they stayed faithful to the PS3 customers. I have numerous games at her house. No need for them at my place since I can't play them.

The one game I start up consistently at her house is Battlefield 3. My first experience with this game is when it was released. I was still holding on to Bad Company 2 and didn't want to embrace the future. My girlfriend had BF3 before me because I had her hooked on Bad Company 2. The moment I saw gameplay I got nauseous. Looking back, I think it had more to do with me not wanting to move past my favorite game at the time. I didn't want to face the fact that BF3 was not going anywhere. The motion sickness manifested out of spite. 

I eventually got over it. Once I did I enjoyed the game. Then right as soon as I got used to the game I sold my PS3. I bought another, but by then BF4 was out so I put BF3 away. 


BF3 is the eleventh in the franchise. Developed by EA DICE, BF3 was released in North America in October 2011. In its first week it sold 5 million copies. That should come to no one's surprise. The game was a huge deal. CoD may have been dominating for a while, but the serious player jumped ship and got into Battlefield. Or at least that's what I believe because that's how it happened for me. Cod could not compare to BF3. 


The game is easy to pick up. I haven't played in a month, but before sitting down to write I played a round of TDM. Don't want to give away my K/D ratio, but just know it wasn't "that bad." I can't do that with other shooters. I leave all the default settings and still manage to feel in control of all the weapons. The button layout makes sense. Which is weird that every installment the button layout changes. Dice does some weird stuff sometimes. 

Graphics and Audio

WTF is the story?
I play BF1 from time to time. I even play BF4 on occasion. Going back to BF3 on PS3 the graphics still hold up. The game is timeless. After seven years I don't feel like the quality has changed. You know how when a game comes out and you're like "oh shit! This looks amazing!" Then when you go back and play it, you question what the fuck you were thinking. But because at the time it was the best thing around, so you didn't have anything to compare it to. Well I don't get that feeling when I play. The scale isn't as grand as BF1. The graphics still hold their own when I don't feel like I'm taking a huge step back. As far as audio goes, this is another listen to your own music type of game. The guns sound accurate. Well in a video game accurate. Nothing cartoonish. There is no music so no need to feel immersed. Just play.


Fuckin' Jets!!
What made Bad Company 2 fun was it felt arcadish. Like how Crazy Taxi isn't a real racing game compared to Gran Turismo. BF3 feels like Dice was trying to be a real competitor to Cod. Everything is destructible, wide array of weapons, and vehicles you can control. You feel like you are in a battlefield. Pun intended. You have one of four classes that each have their advantages and disadvantages to choose from. A well-rounded team will have one of each. To be effective is to play your part. What I noticed is when things get tough, Battlefield players tend to play the game the way it was meant. Through teamwork and not the Cod way of going in guns blazing. My favorite mode is Rush. Going in for kills will result in losing the match. With all players working towards the objective, they have a higher chance of winning. This goes for all installments of the franchise.

The game won't die

Battlefield 4 on PS3 doesn't work. Dice updated the game and somehow fucked it up for everyone. There's too much involved to get the game working. I tried and gave up. That's led to the resurgence of BF3 for me. Out of necessity I started playing. That's when my appreciation for the game came out. The maps are perfect, the weapons are balanced and it's an all-around good game that offers a ragtag group of people that still play. 

Like I mentioned, I played before writing. As soon as I started the search for a match, I was thrown in a TDM round already started. People are still playing. I like to imagine that they are stuck in the same position as me. They are just looking for the company of familiar faces to escape being bored. My girlfriend is asleep, so I got nothing else to do. Shut up perv. Not what I meant. 

The fact that you can still find matches to be a part of is amazing. Considering they can't play BF4, there's still an alternative. Unfortunately Bad Company 2 is dead. It did it's part. I'm still holding out for a part 3. The little work that I do day to day will go out the window if I get my coveted Bad Company 3. 

Under normal circumstances, I'm playing with a Colt 45 in hand. Right now, I'm playing with RC cola and vodka. A better pairing is Colt 45. You want a beer. Relax and play mind numbing, but meditative, TDM on a small map. Normally the matches are set to a score of 400. You'll finish two tall cans before the end of the match. Which is the best way to play. 

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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