Two Reasons Why I Hate Steam

Steam is great. I use the client more often these past few months than ever before. It's easy to underestimate how much content is on there, for free at that.That's one of the reasons I fucking hate Steam. 


Steam is a distribution hub for gaming, video streaming, and all around social network. Developed by Valve Corporation in 2003, this platform looks to be growing and not going away anytime soon.

What it is best known for is all the titles it offers from the amazing Dota 2 to Job Simulator. Quite the range Steam has. 

The driving force behind the development of the client was the need for updates to online games like Counter-Strike. Patches at the time would leave most of the users online disconnected several days. Valve wanted a client that would not only auto-update games, but provide stronger anti-piracy and anti-cheat measures. Valve took this idea of a client to Microsoft, Yahoo!, and RealNetworks who ultimately all declined the idea.

Talk about a missed opportunity for all three companies. 

First Reason to Hate It

With Steam's primary service being a client for downloading games and other software it's easy to see it's popularity in the PC gaming community. This is where my first reason for hating Steam comes from.

Paladins, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2 are some of Steam's heavy-hitters. That's a problem for someone-like me-who is trying to be productive.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the time I have to game. But I'm also not a kid or teenager anymore. My time is precious and should be used wisely.

Honestly, I should be looking for a job and not drinking this Bud Ice and writing reasons why I hate a fucking game client. I need my shit together-but hey- I didn't pay for this Bud Ice so I'm going to milk the opportunity that has befallen me. Opportunist, not alcoholic for the record.

Some of the best titles on the platform are free. Not entirely free since there are microtransactions. Microtransactions are not going anywhere so I won't bitch about them like everyone else. 

Developers release these games for free and have to recover some of that money somewhere. I am against pay-to-win though. 

Character customization is a great part of the gaming experience. We want to feel as though we are that character or at the very least express ourselves through that digital avatar. But, there should be some work towards the stronger weapons. Make that part of the game, the reward. Unlockables should not be forgotten for monetary gain. Why play if you can just buy the ASS-Blaster 3000® from the beginning? That's what doesn't make the playing field even. 

Second Dumb Reason

Here's my second reason for hating Steam.

Those damn sales!

Seriously, how do they get away with all those sales. Are they even making money anymore?

Oh wait, they are because I'm sure everyone else is falling for the trap just like me. 50%. 75%. 90%. It's ridiculous how many sales are happening as you read this. 

That's a problem right there. That's how they get you to part ways with your money. Deals that good would be dumb as Hell to pass up. It's the perfect sales model.

If all that free content wasn't enough for you, the priced games are just as good. Tabletop Simulator right now is my latest addiction.

Here's why, Steam's Workshop.  The Workshop is a Steam hosting service for videogame user-created content. Fancy way of saying people can develop additional content for games. Levels, character customization, or in the case of TS, full game uploads. People are scanning in full board games to be used on the simulator.

I have multiple titles in digital format. Controls take some getting used to and nothing beats physical copies when it comes to board games, but some of the games I own are no longer in print. Older RPGs are what I'm after. I am able to recreate something similar to the experience of those titles. For free

Tabletop Simulator wasn't free. The price was $9.99. That's because I got it on sale. 50% off. Dammit! That's what I'm talking about. Those damn sales get you.

Here's whats great about Steam. You can purchase these titles and you own the license to them to download when you want them. If you're like me you don't have have anymore hard drive space. Games I'm not playing anymore get deleted till I feel like firing them up again.

Summing it all about why I hate this fucking client

What I'm trying to say is those free games come with a cost. Loss of time and productivity. What Steam has to offer for free is scary. Highly rated games that are both fun, addicting, and have a huge competitive scene. Everything needed to lose a weekend sitting in front of a monitor while the bills pile up.

The sales are no help either. Deals so good you won't be able to keep your wallet closed. 

I hate Steam. It's the got'damn Devil. If you do choose to go to the darkside and download the client, just remember, PC Master Race is all that matters. 

What I would suggest pairing with Steam is some heavy amounts of tequila. Get some Cuervo and forget how much money and time you spent getting lost in a simulator. Fishing or Job. Whatever your drunk hands type in.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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