The Fall of Physical Media Due To Digital Content

Kids today have it easy. Games are just a few clicks away. The days of having to get in the car, drive, find the game, stand in line, then head home to play are over. 

What an experience that was. Sometimes, you didn't know what game you were going to get until you were there. What the store had in stock were your only options. 

Cover art and what little description on the back of the box was the only way to decide. You gambled every time if you didn't go in with an idea of what you wanted. Internet reviews and trailers help decision making easier now. Truly some dark times we lived through.

Digital Takeover

According to, "Digital Sales now represent 74% of the US game market." That number is staggering and only continues to grow. Should come to no surprise that the gaming industry is headed that way. 

Why continue to produce physical copies when digital is easier to distribute?

What does that mean for collectors? 

With this trend continuing, collecting will be increasingly difficult, and more importantly, expensive. The less there is, the higher the price. As with anything else.

Will Digital Replace Physical?

Personally, I don't think so. There will always be a demand for physical copies. I hope. Digital content is replacing one our senses, touch.

My fear.
Holding something in your hand gives you a sense of ownership. A million downloads do not compare to one cartridge or disc. 

As convenient as digital may be, I never feel like it's mine. PSN can shut down for whatever reason and I'm left in the dark. I can't borrow digital content, nor can I lend a game to someone. 

Not Everyone Plays Online

It's naive to believe all gamers play online. There are some who choose not to play online. Gaming is a solitary affair that keeps them from interacting with the public. Unfortunately, modern games don't allow that with all their updates. If games released were complete that wouldn't be an issue.

We have no say

Ultimately, we have no say on what publishers decide to do as far as the release of a game goes. For indie publisher’s digital content is the only option.  It's more convenient for any publisher really. 

For others, this may be an issue. As for me, I don't see myself affected by the change.  

Will anything change for you?

Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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