Gandor The Drunk Solo RPGing: A Micro Film

I made this video in hopes of capturing that feeling of what it feels like versus what it is like. I play the role of Gandor the drunk, and the story is you follow him into the tower of great tales. Then it turns to him soloing any RPG you want him to play while he gets drunk and eventually passes out. It’s me Anthony but I'm role playing as Gandor. If that makes sense to you

Not sure how your sessions are, but this is accurate to mine. Art imitates life or vice versa. 

Getting in the right mindset

With playing an RPG you must get in that creative mindset. Let your imagination roam free so you can picture yourself as your character in that fictitious world. Anything is possible. The buildup before a session can really set the tone for the rest of the game.

Not saying you have to find a wizard’s robe like I did or to have the right music playing. These things do add to the whole experience. But make yourself comfortable inside your own head. At first it can be weird. Without others to feed off you have yourself to fill the gap.

You make the rules, to an extent if you're using a rulebook. Unless you want a free-flowing chaotic mess of a good time. That's fine as well. Have a plan beforehand that sets the tone whether its structured gameplay or chaotic.

Leave your ego at the door so you can let your imagination go. 

If you're alone, you'll feel silly. Good.

Other people roleplaying with you make it comfortable for you to loosen up. Without anyone else, you may feel silly. Here's what I've learned from a fellow filmmaker, the sillier you feel, the better it looks on camera. People can tell when your heart is not in something. From body language to your voice. If you let your ego get in the way, the character cannot come out. Same goes with an RPG.
Love this shot

Sometimes it’s easier to let go when no one is watching. All the better as long as you put your ego to the side and get in to character. If not, what's the point of it all. Play a video game instead where you control the characters within limits of the game. Their decisions are pre-programmed, and you do not have full control. With your game and characters, you have full control. You can do what you want. 

This is the point of the second half after Gandor enters the chamber. You can see him softly speaking to himself as he rolls and makes notes. From the outside he looks lonely, but he is not as he has characters and world to live in. 

In the video I'm playing the role of Gandor as a way to get in the mood for a session. I'd be lying if I said I dressed up like Gandor every time I played. It’s a play on what players do to get in the mindset. 

Does it help? 

Depends on the player. With anything that we do, we must mentally prepare. You'd be surprised but I too go to the gym. Hard to tell I know. Before I step foot in the gym, I mentally prepare myself for what's about to happen. I'm going to go in able to walk and breathe and leave the complete opposite. 

If I sit down to type I must be in the right mind set. Too many distractions or not enough alcohol nothing will get done. You get the point I'm making. The time you set for playing should be dedicated to that. On the other hand, don't treat it like a chore either. If you need to take a break, by all means take one. Come back with a different perspective and go back to having fun.

The alcohol is just for me

Don't take from the video that you need to be drinking to play alone. Within moderation, drinking makes the experience better, for me. Not for everyone. I drink to unwind and relax which in turns let me lower my defenses I have over my ego. No one says Jack Daniels can't be your other player.

If I do happen to pass out, at least I have notes to remember where I left off. If I don’t have notes, that’s fine too because I won’t remember anything and can go through the adventure all over again anew. Win win.

What do you think of my video? Did I come close capturing the experience of what it feels like versus what it is like? Let me know. 

Also, should Gandor be a recurring character?

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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