Game Hunts and Alternative Places To Find Them

Since late last year I started thrifting. It started with my girlfriend taking me to an estate sale. I was hooked after my first one.

As a kid I hated the thrift store. They always had that weird smell, bad lighting, and nothing I ever wanted. Now that I'm older and must pay for everything myself, I appreciate the thrift store. I hardly pay for new clothes unless it's to support someone like LOLJK.

I know it is the second time to mention that podcast, and the answer is no I do not get paid by them. I use this them as an example for who I support. The smaller guys. Not huge corporations that up sale their clothes. 

I'm writing to give game collectors, that enjoy the hunt versus online shopping, options on where to search. Online shopping at sites like Ebay are great, but what fun is that compared to accidentally discovering a gem.

For those old enough to remember a time before the internet, accidentally discovering something is nostalgic. We couldn't just look something up, we had what was available to us in store.

Thrift stores, if you couldn't tell by now

You can get nice clothes secondhand in good condition in a thrift store. You could fully furnish your house at a thrift store too. But it's not impossible to find classic games as well. Goodwill stores are the best choice in my experience. Goodwill's prices can be higher than other thrift stores. That's something to take into consideration.

I would suggest using them to fill out the more common game gaps in your collection. Madden 07 or another sports title.

PS1 Madden 98 was awesome

Pawn Shops

I was 17 when my dad got a job at a pawn shop. I learned from him how they work and what goes on behind the counter. That wasn't the only perk.

That's one of the copies.
He used to bring home games for me all the time that they couldn't get rid of. That's how I owned two copies of Final Fantasy 7 and a plethora of others. Pawn shops can have classic games that go untouched for a long time because people do not know they are there. The shop he worked for practically gave them to him just to get them off their shelves. 

Look for local pawn shops and check in what they have. Today I stopped by one that had a clean looking Wii for $40. Checking Ebay, you'll see that others go for the same price. But, with the pawn shop you don't have to pay shipping and wait. 

Estate Sales

As I mentioned, estate sales are my favorite. There's something to going inside someone's home and seeing how they lived that excites me. Guess my curiosity gets the best of me or my love of history. Majority of estate sales are for older people that have died or are downsizing, and their stuff is old. Not all the time.

You never know what you'll find. I have seen PS1 consoles with games go for around $30 not including the discounts. Sometimes it can be a moving sale with more modern electronics. The games are more current. Get there early for those.

 For the tabletop players, estate sales would be what you want to focus on. Craigslist is a great option, but to me that falls on the line with Ebay and Amazon. I guess since you have to pick it up most of the time and actually leave the house it can be close to a hunt.

Frugal is a lifestyle

As I'm getting older and wanting to work for myself, I have realized what is more important to me. I understand better where my money goes and what I want to spend it on.

Thrifting has helped me make better decisions. Before when I had a great paying job, that left me unfulfilled and miserable, I spent money on whatever. If only I could go back and kick myself in the ass. Maybe all that spending was to fill the void I had in my life? That’s right, I got all philosophical on your ass. Might be the beer talking.

I tell younger people to be more responsible with their money. As a freelancer I do not always know when I will get my next check. And when I did, I spent it all anyways. Out of necessity I have become more money responsible. But that doesn't mean my situation is special. Anyone can benefit from being more responsible with their money.

Gaming is a hobby for the majority of us. Not everyone gets paid to do it. Being a smarter shopper will help us continue to enjoy the hobby for much longer. 

Give these options a chance. You never know what you'll find when you go. Something else might catch your eye. I suggest a beer after a successful find. I also suggest a beer if you don't find anything either. Enjoy the hunt regardless if you find anything or not.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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