For The Record: Who I Write For

I want to make it somewhat clear who I write for. I write for gamers and those trying to kill even the smallest amount of time.

I worked 9-5 jobs. Part-time to Full-time, I understand what you are going through. All I want from my readers is for them to have an escape from life. Sounds intense but not that much.

While I worked these dead-end jobs, I imagined all the things I wished I was doing instead. Video producing, gaming, drinking, anything but being trapped inside a warehouse or cubicle.

I would imagine if your reading this your probably supposed to be doing something else. That's ok. This blog is for you. You're reading a blog about gaming and drinking so I’m sure you're procrastinating. You've reached the bottom of the barrel doing whatever it takes to escape.

If you are reading this using your leisure time, I thank you. If you don't drink and you read this, I thank you. Anyone who reads this post or even better, all of the blog, I thank you.

This is all for entertainment. I'm an entertainer and I take pride in that. I don't belong in a cage. I belong out making people forget about how much life sucks sometimes. I prefer that you read my blog while pushing off your responsibilities. That's the fun in it. For that brief moment get carried away and lost in something other than what is currently going on in your life.

Don't take this blog seriously, leave that to me. I spend some time researching, not much though. Enough to give you basic information that hopefully sparks your curiosity.

I review games leniently. As someone who creates I'd hate for someone to rip me a new one. Especially coming from someone who's never made a damn thing in their life or has put themselves out there.

It's always those that haven't made anything themselves that are so critical about others work. Movie reviewers that have never a made a movie themselves are perfect examples. I try to find the good in everything. I know what it means to lower their guard and put themselves out there.

Remember, life is short. Expose yourself. Put your work out there. That's the only way to get better. As time goes on, the only things I can promise is to become a better writer and to drink. As a matter of fact, I'm buzzed right now - almost at the point of drunk. That's why you're reading this verbal vomit.

But, what do you expect from a blog like this? Is this not what you came for?

If I suck, that's fine. If I can't write for shit, that's fine. 

You know why?

I put myself out there regardless of skill. I write for you to be entertained and to escape. I want you to take the time to read and forget about everything else.

I am you; because of that, I write what I would want to read. 

I can only hope that there are others with the same feeling. Just looking for that escape.

As always, enjoy your drinks and game on.

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