Drinking: You Can't Stop After One

I can't help myself sometimes.
No, I'm not an alcoholic by any means. Sorry for those that are. I'm just saying that it's crazy how after one you crave another. Like you can't stop.

Oh wait...

That's what an addict says.

Anyways, I've noticed lately I've been more responsible with my drinking. Tonight, I ate before partaking in drinking. How responsible of me. Don't scoff at me. I tried.
Some thought was put into what I was doing. 

Not like you've never made a mistake and drank too much and accidentally got drunk then shit yourself while vomiting at the same time. 


That never happened to me. Or did it? I'll never tell. Who am I kidding? I did. It was at that moment I knew something was wrong. My girlfriend was banging hard on that bathroom door to make sure I was fine. No doubt I lied and said yes. She knows the truth now. After she smelled the shame emanating from beyond the door. 

Don't worry I've managed to let her down even more than that moment. Hell, I deserve a medal for how bad I've brought her down. Impressive what I've accomplished or lack thereof. 

Back to drinking. Tonight, I had 211. 8.1% of goodness. You'll just have to read later what goes with that because I want to write a post for that specifically when I'm not as buzzed. To top it off I had two glasses of Carlos Rossi wine. My dad's favorite. Or at least I think. Not sure what it was so I'll have to ask. 

Not bad. The wine was sweet with enough alcohol to get the job done. I have dry mouth as I type. Need water because my mouth/throat is dry as fuck. I would choke on a cracker if I attempted to eat one. You know when you start rocking back and forth and must close one eye to see? 

Well, that's happening right now.

I knew I should’ve stopped drinking sooner. That second glass was calling my name. Like an idiot, I drank it. But it's ok because I'm home. If I wasn't I wouldn't have drunk it. Be responsible when you drink. 

I understand what my limits are. As you should too. Remember, what you drink at that moment will not matter until later. You drink forward and what I mean by that is that the alcohol does not hit you immediately. Just because you can drink one more beer does not mean the previous ones are already digested. That's the problem with drinking.

It's an offset effect. You feel fine one moment up until it all hits you. That moment when you're alone in a bathroom with only the mirror. You know the mirror. The one you see yourself swaying in.

That's your cue to stop. 

Honestly, you should've stopped sooner but you’ll learn when to stop with experience. I want all my readers, and everyone else too, to be safe. Come back and read more. I'm speaking from the heart at this point. Won't happen often so don't get used to it. But what I've learned with age is to appreciate life more. Which means to be a more responsible drinker. 

Although you want that additional drink, learn your limit and stop before it. 

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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