Bud Ice Is Everywhere

Bud Ice has been a staple in my drinking diet. It's cheap, doesn't taste that bad, and is sold everywhere. The problem is everyone else has figured that out.

What I noticed recently is the number of cans that are littered everywhere. Just copious amounts of cans everywhere. 

Parking lots, driveways, parks, lakes, playgrounds, everywhere.

What does that say of the people that enjoy this near piss tasting drink? A lot actually. Makes us seem like lower class people. 

Unfortunately, the people drinking Bud Ice probably aren't reading blogs, getting on the internet, or even know what a blog is. I need to change my life around if I'm getting lumped into this group.

But, that won't be easy to do. Bud Ice served 40oz's at a time is the way to go. I'm currently drinking it in the can. Lowly 12oz's at a time. The third can is sitting by me waiting on me to crack it open and enjoy that plastic tasting piss. 

Something about the 12oz cans is off. They don't taste right. Now a 40 is the way to go. Homeless people have been knowing something the masses have not for a long time. Or other budget alcoholics for that matter. 25oz and 40oz are the ones to buy.

For whatever reason the taste of those is better. Maybe I was given a few cans from an old batch and I'm stuck drinking lesser beer. Hard to believe there's a better batch considering how cheap this beer is, but there are better ones out there.

When I'm knocking back 40's I'm playing a FPS. We are talking about some chaotic Battlefield. Right now it would be Battlefield 1. 

Soon as I crack the bottle open I can't help but get buzzed and talk shit over the mic that's never plugged in. It's mostly me whispering due to dry mouth from dehydration. Nonetheless those teammates are getting their ass chewed for not carrying my ass because I'm seeing double of everything,

If you have never had Bud Ice, feel shame. Cheap beer is a right of passage. No one is too good for piss water with a mix of alcohol. If anything it will make you appreciate your fancy craft beer more. 

So go out with $4 and get a cheap buzz while you have a shitty K/D that will more than likely get you kicked from the game.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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