Yellow Gameboy pocket and the cops

I still remember when I got my Gameboy Pocket. My grandma told me early in the week she was taking me to get it at Toys"R"Us for my birthday. So, like any other kid I was super excited and couldn't sleep. My birthday wasn't till the end of the month, but she figured she would get me an early present. That was the only thing I wanted at the time. My cousin had the original Gameboy, so I just had to have one too.

All week at school I was daydreaming about how awesome it was going to be play my Gameboy. I was in kindergarten so wasn't like I was missing out on anything important. I had the time to spare. I tossed and turned during nap time. The anticipation almost killed me. 

Finally, Friday came. I got home from school and was pacing like an inmate on death row. My grandma got home and nonchalantly reminded her of our previous conversation. It felt like an eternity as she got ready to take me. 

The car ride there was quiet. I couldn't think of anything to say other than what game do I get? I spent so much time thinking of the Gameboy to think of what game to get with it.

We got to Toys"R"Us and the cashier told us to head to the back where they kept all the video games. With the release earlier that week, there were not many colors to choose from. But, something about the yellow one drew me in. Yellow is not my first pick when it comes to colors. It is still a shock to me that that's the one I went with.

Now came time for what game to get. At the age of six I didn't have too much experience in life so all the titles on the shelf meant nothing to me. Didn't help that I didn't know how to read either. The only familiar faces I saw were the Animaniacs. Worse decision of my life. I still regret it. I don't have anything against the cartoon but my God that game was terrible for a six-year-old. Hell, it's bad for a twenty-seven-year-old. 

We get the game and head off home. My grandma could tell how excited I was, so she asked a question I still can’t believe, “Want me to speed home so you can play?”

Being a child, I didn’t truly grasp what was going on other than my yes, my grandma was cool. So of course, I said yes. She floored her Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight and we took off.

We were so close to home. I mean close. About five minutes away from the house. That’s when I got this gut feeling something was not right. I’ll never forget those flashing lights behind us. We got pulled over. The cop saw what was going on when he saw the Toys”R”Us bag. I’m sure he had children as well. He let my grandma go with a warning.

Although I may not have that Gameboy anymore due to always moving from house to house. You know how things get lost in the shuffle. I do still have that awesome memory my grandma gave me.

I would love to hear your gaming memories. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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