Wine and Cheese, Not for Me

Wine gives me headaches. Not sure if everyone is the same. I can't drink it without feeling sick. Maybe it has something to do with only drinking cheap wine. 

Barefoot is my go to wine. But, the only time I drink it is when someone offers it. My girlfriend is more of the wine drinker in our relationship. Unfortunately, she doesn't drink often. I'm the one left to finishing the bottle every time. Which might be the reason why I prefer Barefoot to other wines.

My second choice for wine is Boone's Farm. Let me tell you about Boone's Farm. The first time I had one my dad and I went to Wal-Mart one night, but before we went in we both downed a bottle of Strawberry Hill Boone's Farm in the parking lot. He dared me, so I dared him back. Now, that wasn't the greatest of decisions. I threw my head back and inhaled all 750mL of that delicious strawberry delight. 

I was sick. We walked that Wal-Mart to sober up. 

Didn't work.

Fortunately for me it all didn't hit me till I got home. What helped with the headache was Shiner. Lots of Shiner. What I like about Boone's Farm is how cheap it is. Large bottle for five dollars is a deal.

Wine is sophisticated. Or at least that's the image people give it. You can get wine out of a box or in the back of a gas station. Not much of a sophisticated drink anymore.

What pairs well with wine nowadays is simple family games like Sorry or Battleship. Another choice would be a co-op game like Pandemic or DnD. You want a game where you must discuss strategy. Get the mind going. Deliberate over your next move.

As for me, I’ll stick to cheap drinks. Maybe in the future I’ll change my mind and seek out fancier wines, till then Barefoot and Boone’s Farm will be in my glass. By now you should know my preference.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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