Updates: Why must we update so much?

I know updates are important. But my God! I feel like I can't keep up with all the updates. Everything needs an update. My laptop, PS4, every game on the PS4, my phone, every application I use.

Twitch. Oh Twitch.

I am having some trouble with Twitch. The problem I am having is streaming from my latptop. I have downloaded two few different broadcasters. No big deal.

The issue is trying to get the perfect one. I started with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Everything was working fine, until it came time to stream or record. My laptop is not old or lacking power. It?  is however lacking the right drivers. I can't just let well enough alone because I moved onto another broadcasting program. Kinda.

I can't move on without figuring out why I can't stream. From what the looks of it are I need updated drivers. Now I have to find the right drivers because everything is so specific. But before you can update one driver you have to jump through hoops to get another one updated. 

The problem with other broadcasting program is you need to pay for all the extra features. Mostly to remove their logo. I think appearance makes a difference and with the watermarked logo sticking out it can take from the full look. Guess that's my director's eye getting in the way.

Updates on updates

Isn't that how it goes though? You just got the latest game on its release day and then...BOOM! It has to update. Shouldn't the game be ready to go as soon as it comes out? 

Is it not complete?

The best part is you must update your console before you can even get to updating the game. That takes all the enthusiasm out of me for that gaming session. 

That's why classics are better, no updates

Half true. Classics can be started up and jumped on as soon as you blow the dust off the cartridge. But, how awesome would it have been if classic games got updates back then. Updates would have given us new maps, characters, modes, and just overall more content. 

I get that now we can do it, but I think it would have been cool at the time. We can get all that new content now, but maybe our experience of classics could have been way better.

Patience is a virtue

Nowadays we live a fast-paced life. Everything is instant thanks to the internet. We are bombarded with information all day. Instant gratification is the key. Social media allows us to be up to date always.

I google everything. Almost all the answers I am looking for are in the palm of my hand. My phone does not leave my body. I know that sounds horrible. 

But my job is to live on the internet. There is a lot of information I must consume for research, and I must keep a presence on social media. Freelance video work doesn't come knocking at your door. You must continually make new content and publish it. People must see your work, so they can trust you can do what they are asking for.

The internet may be why our attention span and patience has decreased. Why wait? Everything should be right in front of us once we click on it. Or at least that's what we have come to expect. 

No choice when it comes to updates.

There is nothing we can do. Updates are essential to our digital lives. What pairs well with updates though is anything. That's right, your choice of drink doesn’t matter as long as there is alcohol. The more alcohol the better. Makes the wait that much more bearable.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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