Paladins: Overwatch's Little Brother

Paladins is a team-based FPS with a collectible card element that allows customization of your character. It is free for download on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

The character design has a lot of variety with both looks and play style. Each character belongs to one of four categories: Front Line, Damage, Support, Flank. My personal favorite as of now is Front Line. I always enjoy being the tank character with the most health. Having more health is usually the best way to get away with having no skill. I can see how a well-balanced team can dominate the other easily. 

Everyone has a job that when followed it allows teams to be more efficient. Not that you can't run-n-gun with this game, but objective based game modes need teamwork. 

The maps are not huge, so the action is all in one small space. A Front Line character can set up barriers to protect fellow teammates and keep enemies at bay. A "Damage" character can push forward and deal massive damage and fall back to the safety behind a barrier. The characters all vary from a standard rifle wielding soldier to a jet pack wearing dragon.

The level design is colorful with different vantage points within the buildings. There are some open spaces that leave you vulnerable but in some modes, are necessary to be in. All the maps I have played have a similar layout with both opposing spawn points on opposite ends of each other. 

You spawn with a mount that helps you get to the center of the map way faster than running. When you dismount you lose the mount till you respawn again. I wish more games had something just like that. It's like when you spawn, and you are too far to help your team and when you do get there it's always too late. I am guessing the developers share my frustration.

Is it me or does it feel like games are moving towards card based upgrades? Paladins uses a card loadout that you can customize by obtaining new cards through chests. Everyone is familiar with how chests work in games nowadays. The game Paragon uses something similar but with Paladins you start off with cards versus buying them in game. Cards level up and amplify their ability. Collecting the same card is what levels it up so you are not stuck with a bunch of useless lower tier cards. Each card reaches a max level of ten. 

So far, the only game mode I have played is Siege. Teams start the match trying to capture the maps central point. When successful a payload appears, and the team must escort it to the end of the map. You get a point if you capture the middle and another if you escort it successfully. The other team can halt the payload and end the round earning them a point. First team to four points wins. 

I am new to the game and there are far more experienced players. But, the game balances out well enough that I do not feel like I am unable to contribute. Play as a team and you will do fine. 

There is not a competitive scene like there is for Overwatch so you will be playing for fun. For that reason this game pairs well with Bud Light. Knock back a few and jump in. It is free-to-play, so you have nothing to lose.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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