Fishing Planet and Whiskey

Fishing has recently become one of my favorite hobbies. The great outdoors. I never understood the appeal of just sitting quietly waiting for a bite. But it’s that waiting that leaves you in a meditative state. With all the information we are constantly being bombarded with it is nice to take a break from it all. Gaming can sometimes leave your brain exhausted whether it be trying to solve a puzzle or out play your opponent. A long campaign of DnD can takes it’s toll mentally on a person. If the group is not working together things can get even more frustrating. Fishing is not frustrating, unless you make it.

Unfortunately, you can not go out and hit the water at just anytime. The weather is not always in your favor either. Maybe you have obligations that hold you back. Whatever the case may be, time for fishing is just not always available. What is an angler to do?

Fishing Planet fills that void. As a fishing simulator you can come as close as video game simulation will allow you to the real thing.

I discovered the game for the first time while going through the free to play games on PSN. I had never heard of it but was in the need of a change of pace. I surely got that with Fishing Planet compared to Battlefield 1 that I had just been throwing hours at.

Fishing Planet was originally on Steam that was released August 2015. PS4 received the game two years later. I was real late to the party.

First off, the menu options are not intuitive. Without a mouse the control scheme takes some getting used to. After months of playing I still have trouble navigating the menus. The music is god awful if you’re not a fan of some generic country tune. Only one tune at that.

The gameplay is straightforward. Cast and reel in when you get a bite. There are two types of casting, float or baitcasting. Myself I prefer baitcasting both in game and real life. Unlike the menus, the controls for gameplay work flawlessly. I could not imagine playing on PC with a keyboard and mouse for this game.  

Keep in mind this is a simulator and your point of view is above water always. Other fishing titles like Cabela's are underwater where all the action is. For Fishing Planet, you only have a small indicator in your top right corner for bite detection. This indicator depends on how your fishing, bobber for float fishing and small fish for baitcasting. Just like with real fishing your bobber will start to move if you get bites and immediately take off with the fish. Baitcasting can be trickier because you are trying to entice the fish by maneuvering the lure in different patterns when reeling in.

According to developers the AI is designed based off different species actual behavior. How accurate this may be is up for debate. There are a lot of factors when it comes to fishing and some days are better than others. While playing all that is needed is the right type of bait or lure that is for that species you’re after. As you level up you gain access to new items. That is where confusion can occur. You must have compatible equipment before you attempt to catch anything. Fortunately, you can learn what each state has what is helpful in catching their respected species.

Leveling up can be tedious though. What makes it so difficult is the cost of traveling not including your licenses. As you progress new states are available with new fish that offer more money and experience.This has apparently been an ongoing complaint from the gaming community. For most of the time you are grinding on the first stage catching the same fish over and over. When you do travel it is a nice change of scenery with different species and your able to purchase new equipment. You determine how long you are going to stay in the new level by how much you are willing to spend for each day. Some states you travel to are cheaper than others but is almost not worth it due to costs. It is always free to travel to the first stage but then you are back to the grind.

Overall, I am fan of this game and how it captures the feel of real fishing. It is easy to lose time just patiently waiting for a bite. I could see myself at the lake enjoying a beer while I wait. Fishing Planet offers me a similar experience but within the comfort of my home. For that reason, I recommend Crown Royal and Coke. This game for me is more about relaxing and nothing like some Canadian whisky will do the trick. If you want to go more traditional with your fishing experience than I suggest a light beer, like Coors.

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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