Character creation in RPG's

I am a firm believer in you should really play as characters you like. You should be able to think like that character. Truly embody that character. Make decisions that fit your character's personality.

At the very basic level, when playing a RPG that involves creating a character, you are role playing. You are taking on the role of the character you created. Once you begin the designing process, that character has begun to start its life. 

With filmmaking, I have learned how characters drive the story forward. We watch movies for how characters react in the situation they are in. As an audience member, if we don't believe the character's to be real than we dismiss the movie immediately.

You should see your character the same way. The actions you take should align with your character's personality. A barbarian probably will not talk their way out of a situation, but instead fight their way out. I know if given the option I'm destroying everything in sight.

Tell yourself you are your character. For example, I tell myself, "I am Throm the Barbarian. I have no home for I am a nomad. My tribe has been decimated and now I wander from town to town searching for quests in hopes of earning enough gold to get me day to day. Forever longing for my lost tribe, the one's responsible, and to someday start a new tribe that I can once again lead."

That came right off the top of my head one day before starting a campaign on I am constantly working characters for my short films which gives me practice of coming up with backstories.

Draw from other stories to create your characters. There is nothing new nowadays because everything has been done before but with variance. 

Do not be afraid to copy. Everyone does. Unwritten rule of the world. We just call it influence or inspiration.

Imagine how your character looks. Their personality would influence how they appear. Flesh your character out by maybe designing them with a hairstyle you may not be able to have in the real world. There are companies that do not allow blue hair, but the fictional character you create can have a three-foot tall blue mohawk.

Live through your character if you must. Do what you want to in real life in your fictional world. The possibilities are endless in your imagination.

I love filmmaking because I can still hang on to my imagination. I can't imagine a life without one, but there are people out there that do not know how to use theirs anymore. 

RPG's allow us to still create in our mind. We design everything how we want. 

You must be passionate about what you create. If not, you won't get much enjoyment from what you’re playing. Makes it pointless to even play anymore. 

To continue to have fun you must create characters you enjoy. Really think about who you want to be. Think of what you like about them and how are you going to live their life.

Didn't want to rant, but I believe in character creation as one of the most important aspects of RPG's. 

Enjoy your drinks and game on.

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